Rose ready to step up after journey

Jonathan Rose said he didn't know much about Nebraska when he first thought about transferring, but quickly found out that DB nation was for him.

LINCOLN, Neb. - One of the more interesting position battles to watch this spring is the competition at cornerback opposite of senior Josh Mitchell. Junior college transfer Byerson Cockrell is a guy who's made noise the last couple of weeks, but don't forget about junior Jonathan Rose, who made ten appearances last year for Nebraska.

Rose, a transfer from Auburn, seems to fit the mold of a cornerback Bo Pelini has had success with – a long frame, that's very athletic and has a solid coverage skillset.

It was that success Pelini's has shown with previous corners that attracted Rose to Nebraska when he decided to leave Auburn.

"I actually didn't know anything about Nebraska, so I went to the Internet," said Rose. "I saw they produced some highly ranked DBs that were going in the first or second round. Then somebody told me ‘it's DB nation', so I thought ‘that is what I'm trying to be.'

"I was told, ‘if you really want to be exceptional DB, you really should let Coach Pelini go coach you.'"

Rose says the experience has done wonders for his game.

"The SEC playing style is kind of the whole complete opposite of how we do it up here," Rose said. "But I feel like this added another chapter to my game. I got the SEC physical style, and now I got a finesse style to where I can learn systems, learn playbooks, learn schemes.

"After I sat behind Stanley and Ciante for so long and observed them, now I want to showcase myself…I want to show them that I've learned enough and I'm ready to step into a starting type role."

BRR's friend, Brian Christopherson of the Lincoln Journal Star did a much bigger story on Rose's transformation and journey to Nebraska. We suggest you check it out, by: CLICKING HERE

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