Huskers offer Pickard

Jake Pickard has seen a lot of recent attention from Nebraska. The recruiting coach for his area loved his film and got it in front of the right people to get an offer to the talented prospect this weekend.

Jake Pickard from Millburn (N.J.) picked up offer No. 8 yesterday when Nebraska offered. Pickard is listed as the No. 20 tight end in the nation, but also has a lot of ability on the other side of the ball at defensive end.

"I spoke with the staff from Nebraska yesterday," Pickard said. "The running back coach from Nebraska had seen my film and gave it to the defensive line coach.

"The defensive line coach liked me and handed it off to the coordinator. They messaged me over social media for me to call them and they offered."

Pickard is considered by many to be a two-way lineman. He is 6-foot-5.5 and 220-pounds. He's long, but it's a frame that a college strength coach would would love to work with.

"Nebraska likes me as a defensive end. They like how fast I get off on the ball, can change directions, like my speed and they like that I have long arms. They said that they will put some more weight on me."

Pickard doesn't have a preference to either side of the ball. He also doesn't have a preference on the defensive line whether he's on the tackle, on an end, trunked out further than that or working in an odd or even front.

"I can play where they need me to play," Pickard said. "My off-season I have worked as defensive end and tight end only to be moved recently to defensive tackle and offensive tackle. I am a team player and will do what the coaches ask."

There have been a few trips for Pickard this spring. He says that there are no other plans to make any other trips currently.

"I have been to Rutgers, Boston College, Ohio State, Purdue, Penn State and Temple. I don't have any other plans for visits as of right now."

The Huskers would probably like a chance to host Pickard, but it won't happen for an unofficial visit. Pickard will have to wait until he can take an official visit to get out to Lincoln.

"I would definitely liked to visit Nebraska. It would probably have to be an official visit though after the summer."

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