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If you want to get a commitment from 2015 three-star linebacker Bo Wallace (River Ridge, LA/John Curtis), you're going to have to come at him with a lot more than X's and O's.

Really, you should bypass that from the jump and simply get to know him. You'll like what you hear.

That's precisely what Longhorns defensive backs coach Chris Vaughn has done since he extended an offer to Wallace two weeks ago.

"Honestly Coach Vaughn and my relationship is as good as it's been since Day 1," Wallace said. "I love Coach Vaughn. He has a sense for what I'm looking for. It was a great conversation."

Their most recent conversation took place late Thursday night and even involved Wallace's parents.

"My dad didn't say much. He's one of those guys that is real, real humble," he said. "But in due time he will tell you how he feels. My mom said it was a great conversation. She even laughed a few times so it must have been a great conversation."

What got her laughing?

"We have a bunch of the same interests," Wallace said. "It's funny but he likes to eat just like I do. We just had a conversation about our favorite meal. I told him it was pasta and he said he would like to have some of my mom's pasta."

Pasta. Not what base defense UT is going to run or how exactly linebackers coach Brian Jean-Mary intends on using Wallace. Pasta.

Hey, it seems to be working.

"When anyone asks me about Texas the first thing that I say is ‘Coach Vaughn,'" Wallace said.

Texas is the latest to join an offers sheet that includes Arizona State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Southern Mississippi, Tennessee and UCLA. His relationship with Vaughn has UT squarely in the mix.

"I don't really have a favorite but I can honestly say Texas is top 4, top 5," he said. "Texas is up there with Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tennessee and UCLA."

The Longhorns actually have a bit of home cooking on their side as Wallace spent a few years in Texas after Hurricane Katrina forced his family to move.

"Went to Dallas Jesuit my freshman year but it just wasn't for me," he said. "So I moved in with my uncle and went to Richmond Foster and loved it, loved it. But my mom forced me to come home because she missed her baby."

There's no getting around what momma wants. But what is it that Wallace really wants in a school outside of football?

"Academics are really what I'm looking for," he said. "What is your degree going to do for me? If football doesn't work, what does having the University of Texas on a diploma do for me? That's what I'm really looking for. Which one fits me the best academically."

Anything else aside from academics?

"Campus vibe," he said. "I mean if I am just walking around will someone come up and say ‘Hey, how are you doing?' Little stuff like that matters to me."

Wallace will get a chance to visit Texas on April 19 for its spring game. He'll visit Oklahoma and Oklahoma State this weekend.

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