Coach speak: DaiShon Neal

DaiShon Neal may be new to Omaha (Nebr.) Central, but head coach Jay Ball had some ideas what to expect.

DaiShon Neal may be new to Omaha (Nebr.) Central, but head coach Jay Ball had some ideas what to expect. Neal's father is a former player of Ball's, in fact part of the '89 class which featured Calvin Jones, and he's a player whose body he's seen sprout up four to five inches the past two years.

"He came here in May of his freshman year," Ball said. "He had some size, he was pretty skinny, but he was around 6-foot-2 or 6-foot-3 at the time. Knowing his father I knew that he would likely have some athleticism because the apple never falls too far away from the tree.

"His father played here at Central, his name is Abe Hoskins, and I think that he committed to Nebraska, decommitted and went to Purdue. I think that he eventually ended up at Tulsa."

The word is that Neal works incredibly hard and more to the point "eats the weights". That's great to hear because that type of off the field dedication is what's needed in the game of football.

"The term that I use is that as a football player Neal likes to do the mundane things that it takes to be a football player," Coach Neal said. "Football takes preparation and you really have to love to do that especially to play at the upper levels of the game."

Many have wondered if Neal could project to either tight end or offensive tackle eventually or at least if a conversation has taken place with Nebraska. According to Coach Ball that answer is no. It's always been about defense and the recruiting coach and position coach are looking forward to working with him.

"It's always been the conversation that DaiShon figured in on the defensive side of the football when I have spoken with Coach Barney Cotton and Coach Rich Kaczenski is excited to work with him. He's a legit 6-foot-7 and 235-pounds right now. In two to three years I can see him being 260 to 265-pounds and not losing any quickness."

Nebraska jumped in ahead of the curve more than likely. The word was that some schools were asking Neal not to commit before a trip or some evaluation work on their end could complete. Still, Neal got the offer from the Huskers and only an hour later had committed. Coach Neal said that there aren't many guys like Neal around and typically get hot, quick.

"I definitely thought that Oklahoma State was close. Iowa and Iowa State were both showing strong interest. When the word gets around about kid like DaiShon – good student, good kid, size and athleticism – things move pretty fast. I was very excited to see Nebraska jump on him when they did."

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