What's left for 2015?

There are 10 spots taken in the class of 2015 for Nebraska already. The class is likely over half-full and the Huskers could end up with the best class that they have signed under Bo Pelini. How many more and at which positions? Get inside and find out!

At the spring game in 2014 the Nebraska staff had landed only one commitment, in-state prospect Luke Gifford, on their way to 25 total commitments in the class. Nebraska finished strong, but unlike this year it didn't start off that strong.

It can be said that besides this class, Nebraska has never gotten off to a quick start. Two years ago, Nebraska picked up their second commitment in the class of 2013, A.J. Natter. A year before that Michael Rose was the only one in the class and had to wait until mid-June for anyone to join him.

And the year before that? Nebraska had as many as they ever had with four commitments, two going back to the 2009 calendar year with Ryne Reeves and Tyler Moore, and was just a week or so away from commitment No. 5 with Kevin Williams.

Nebraska had just two at this time in 2009 and had to wait until four months until the Huskers offered in-state wide receiver Tyler Evans. And in 2008 there was only one in-state player in the class in Cole Pensick until Thad Randle would join in May.

Every year it's different. The number of players that Nebraska will potentially take from in-state differs. The ties to other players varies from year to the next. However, the numbers look fairly consistent: Nebraska has never been off to this good of a start before in any of the recruiting classes under Bo Pelini.

So what's left? Seems like a relevant question considering Nebraska is at least half-way done with their recruiting class, possibly more, and Husker Nation is feeling like this could be the best class Bo Pelini and his staff have ever put together. Here is my best stab at how the rest of the class rounds out:

Spots: 1
Committed: Kevin Dillman
Let's be honest here folks, many are thinking that there is already a log jam at the position. Know what that is to a coaching staff? A good thing. It's tough to keep players happy about playing time particularly when there is only one of you at a position on the field at any given moment. It speaks to the competitiveness of those that play the position. Nebraska is likely finished at this position unless something comes up late before signing day.

Running Back
Spots: 1
Committed: Kendall Bussey
Much like the quarterback position the running position looks incredibly good after the 2014-15 season even with the loss of Ameer Abdullah to graduation. Bussey is interesting because it's popular opinion that interest from other teams in Bussey isn't going to go away. In fact, it should only continue to grow. Watch out if Bussey starts taking visits – even if they are unofficial visits – because all bets would be off and Nebraska would need to keep a couple of other recruits warm just in case this were to happen.

Offensive Line
Spots: 3 or 4 (2- OT, 1-OG/C and possible wildcard)
Committed: Christian Gaylord (OT) and Michael Decker (OG/C)
Nebraska started the class out right with a couple of early, key commitments from Gaylord and Decker. The numbers along the offensive line in the 2015 class sound low at three and they are. Popular belief is that the offer to Alex Lewis can figure in here. Look for Nebraska to try and be selective with their last remaining spot in the class at offensive tackle, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if this is the position that if Nebraska can get two more nationally top-rated recruits has some flexibility.

Wide Receiver and Tight End
Spots: 2 WRs, 1 TE
Committed: Spencer Tears
Nebraska fans should be excited about Tears as part of this class. Nebraska continues to show a consistent reach into the Chicago area grabbing Mikale Wilbon a year ago and Jordan Westerkamp two years before that. Tears is a player whose stock should only continue to rise and you can expect Nebraska to go after a complimentary player opposite Tears that is more of a Z or a slot type player than an X. Expect Nebraska to grab at least one tight end in the class and again, like with the offensive line, it's doubtful that Nebraska would turn away a big-time recruit here if there is a spot that falls through. A player like C.J. Johnson could also be a guy that Nebraska takes a chance on as well.

Defensive Line
Spots: 2 DTs and 2 DEs
Committed: Carlos Davis (DT), Khalil Davis (DT) and DaiShon Neal (DE)
Nebraska had to be completely excited to have a trio of players like the Davis brothers and Neal growing up in the 500-mile radius that we talk about when it comes to recruiting. The ties back to the state and the school for these three are strong, which helped, but all three specifically spoke about head coach Bo Pelini and the assistant coaches being very important part of their decisions to become Huskers. You have to like the athleticism out of these three and I would look for Nebraska to go after a different looking player as the other DE in the class. You might find Nebraska looking for more of a true five technique or a player athletic enough to play as a walk-up outside linebacker/hybrid type.

Spots: 1 (OLB)
Committed: NONE
Nebraska has got enough players that can play the MIKE position in Lincoln already. Nebraska needs to add some more dynamic, sideline to sideline players at the second level to bracket those existing inside players. Nebraska could just take one athletic WILL type player. You could count a player that is a hybrid type of player at both the linebacker and defensive end spots much like DeAndre Wills or Sedrick King last year. A player like Cameron Townsend who visited for the spring game could be just what the doctor ordered.

Spots: 3 CBs and 2 Ss
Committed: Avery Anderson (Nickel/CB) and Eric Lee (CB)
The Huskers are going to be tough with cornerstones like Anderson and Lee in the class. The Huskers though are going to continue to add to it like with a player like Aaron Williams as another CB in the class which could be a possibility. It's the safety spots though that should have Husker fans excited as well though. You have to look inside the radius and consider Marquise Doherty and then there are an array of others like Khane Pass, Hunter Dale, Brandon Scott and Carson Shaw.

The class of 2015 won't be as big as last year's, but the star power in this year's class will help you overlook that missing quantity. Many believe that Bo Pelini and his staff are putting together the best class that he's ever assembled. The start is there, the start that has never been there, and combined with the typical finish that can be expected it very well could be the best to have been signed by Bo Pelini.

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