Mail time: Ask the N-Siders (4-17-14)

"Ask the N-Siders" is back. The BRR community asked and we answered.

Will Drew Brown arrive for summer conditioning? – iowared
Yes, he will be here in early June. I get where you are going with this one. I do feel like their will be an all out kicking battle this fall for the starting place-kicking job. I have been saying that since Brown signed back in February and Bondi's struggles this spring only heightened the belief.

"We have a really good kicker coming in that we have a lot of confidence in," said Pelini. "I don't know what was going on with the kicks today, but that is something we've been struggling a little bit in practice. Overall our kicking just needs to be more consistent. We did a lot of fundamental training with our kickers this spring. We have a lot of field goal kicking. With the guys that we have right now, I think they are all capable, but just not consistent yet."

With Peyton Newell coming in at DE, doesn't that increase the need for another DT this class? Even if he switches back to DT later, it seems that we could use another DT. -georgianhusker
Newell might start at defensive end, but he projects to be an interior defensive lineman before his career is over. With both the Davis twins looking solid and the number of young defensive tackles at Nebraska, it's doubtful they take another in a smaller class. If they could land an elite talent, of course they would take him, but as of right now they appear to be done at the position. Three members of the two-deep (Vincent Valentine, Maliek Collins, and Kevin Maurice) are just sophomore.

Last year I thought the defense was a step slow. Saturday they looked faster, especially at LB. Also as a team on both sides of the ball. Cross has said he has been working on his speed. I thought it showed Saturday. Your thoughts? – iowared
One of Nebraska's main focuses on the recruiting front the past few years has been speed - both on offense and defense. You can really tell at linebacker, when you guys playing all three spots that can go sideline-to-sideline.

As far as Cross, I don't know how much faster he is, but his quickness is definitely on the rise. He's back to his normal playing weight, but hitting the hole quicker than he ever has before. I also thought his vision looked better this spring. That is probably in large part due to his work in the film room the past few seasons. Ameer Abdullah said Cross is the hardest working guy in the film room at the position.

I just rewatched the game. Towards the end of the game it looked like Gerry came off the field with his right arm hanging like he had a shoulder problem. Have you heard if he got injured? – 1949tackle
After the game, Gerry said he was fine. Just a stinger. Much like Cross, another guy who definitely improved his stock this spring with the extra reps. The staff loves Corey Cooper. He's not going anywhere and will be the starter this fall, but Gerry did enough this spring to show he deserves to be in the safety rotation.

It seems like we have filled almost all our other needs in this class already. (Maybe another WR and a S, but several LBs that can run) – cornborn
I think Bryan had a pretty good breakdown last night of the needs left in the class, but I don't think there is any glaring position of need besides linebacker and safety. Bryan only projects one LB, but I'm thinking two – especially if a guy like Cameron Townsend jumps in the fold. As far as wide receiver, I think they will take one more slot-type guy.

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