Harris looking past football

Jalen Harrisis up to 10 scholarship offers and he is taking a long look at multiple schools with a decision likely coming this summer...

When you look at Jalen Harris, you see a 6-foot-5, 240 pound tight end. You know he is a top recruit, that he has offers, and you think he is all about football.

That is not the case.

He loves the game, but he knows there is more than just football in his future.

"Academics are so important to me," Harris said. "It is probably the biggest thing for me when I get ready to pick a school.

"Football will not always be there, so I want to get a great education, and get ready for life after football. Academics mean a lot."

There is currently a quartet of schools recruiting Harris harder than anyone and one that has kind of surprised the Montgomery, Ala. native is strong in academics.

"California is really surprising me the way they are recruiting me right now. They are sending me a lot of messages, they are following me on Twitter, and I have been a little surprised by them. I thought of the Cal offer as just an offer, but they really are coming after me.

"They are one of the top academic colleges in the country, so that really has my attention. They can produce athletes too, so I hope to get a good look at them later on."

The other three schools are a little closer to home for Harris. One plays in the ACC and the other two are in the SEC.

"Wake Forest, Kentucky, and Mississippi State are all communicating with me almost every day. I hear from all three of those schools at least every other day if not every day, so they are all coming at me the same right now.

"I am just getting to know the coaches now and I am learning more about the schools."

The three-star is up to 10 offers and more could be on the way.

Another SEC school has him feeling it could only be days away.

"Auburn, Miami, Ole Miss, and Florida are really showing a lot of interest in me right now. Ole Miss has just about told me an offer is coming if they like me this spring. They will be down here when we start spring practice. If they offer me, I will definitely visit. I would like to get there this summer," said Harris.

This weekend two in-state schools, Alabama and Auburn have their spring games. Auburn has shown the most interest, so that is where he plans to be.

"I grew up an Alabama fan, but I really like Auburn too. If you are from Alabama like I am, then you grow up dreaming about playing for Alabama or Auburn. They are supposed to come watch me practice this spring too and an offer from them would be great. I have been down there a lot and I really like the coaches there."

Of course Harris likes the schools close to home and location is something that could play into his decision, but at this time, he is exploring all of his options.

He plans to hit the road this summer and that will likely lead to a pre-fall decision.

"I would like to commit at the end of the summer," said Harris. "If I get out this summer, look at the schools I need to, then I will probably be ready to commit before school starts again. That is what I am planning to do."

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