Nearing double-digit offer total

The offer total continues to climb for two-way lineman Adam Holtorf. The 6-foot-5 and 265-pound recruit from Seward (Nebr.) could have another wave of offers coming in around the corner.

The offers continue to roll in for Adam Holtorf from Seward (Nebr.). Another visit, another offer this past weekend. This time the 6-foot-5 and 265-pound offensive lineman/defensive lineman picked one up from Wyoming.

"I think that makes nine offers right now," Holtorf said coming back from Wyoming. "I got the offer from Wyoming while on my visit and that was exiting. It was a great experience."

Holtorf is heading out on the road again next weekend for another spring game. After that he will hit a national combine where he hopes to continue to get his name out a little bit more.

"I am going to go to Kansas State for their spring game next weekend and then I go to Chicago for a combine. I am definitely looking forward to the combine. It has a reputation for getting some names out there."

After the next two trips Holtorf says that he will figure out where he will visit next. One of the teams he plans on seeing next though will be the in-state team which will likely be for a one day summer camp.

"I don't have anything else planned after that. I am waiting to see what happens with the next two trips. I am looking at going to a one day camp at Nebraska. I am staying in touch with Coach Barney Cotton over Facebook."

One of the best things that Holtorf has going for him is that he could play on either side of the football. There is definitely a split among the teams that have offered -- and who haven't -- where Holtorf fits best.

"Nebraska likes me as an offensive lineman and I am fine playing on either side of the ball," Holtorf said. "It's kind of split where teams like me. Wyoming, South Dakota State and Ohio all like me on defense. Yale, Harvard and Kansas State like me on offense. North Dakota State said I could play both."

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