Post spring Q&A: Maliek Collins

Big Red Report is cleaning off the voice recorder and bringing premium members group media quotes from the spring that might not have been used.

Bo Pelini has used a guy like Glenn Dorsey to compare some of your attributes. Dorsey played in college a while ago, but do you know of his reputation?
"I know about Glenn Dorsey and his days at LSU. He played for the Kansas Chiefs as well. That's a dominant force."

How does that motivate you when your coaches think your ceiling is high enough to be compared to a guy like that?
"It keeps me wanting to work for them and being coachable. I'm going to keep making those gains."

What area do you feel like you could make the most strides in?
"I could grow in every area – every aspect of the game."

What area are you working on most this spring?
"I would say pass rush."

How beneficial were the snaps you got last year, because it's hard to get snaps at a place like Nebraska?
"It was good. Especially since I was running with the ones and twos most of the season – I got to roll against Spencer (Long) a lot. I feel that really helped me out a lot."

There have been a couple times this spring that Bo had to light a fire under the defense, especially on the defensive line. When he does that, what is going through your guys mind?
"He talks about how guys in the NFL don't need that; they get there on their own because it's their job to do it. It's guys dreams to get there, so it basically fires us up to get to that level."

Has he talked to you guys about the fact that you aren't underclassmen anymore, you all have quite a bit of experience?
"Yeah, there are no excuses. No freshman out there. It's on us."

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