Post spring Q&A: Ameer Abdullah

Big Red Report is cleaning off the voice recorder and bringing premium members group media quotes from the spring that might not have been used.

Have you had any reps this spring where they took you down?
"This spring - no. Maybe one time. I'm always begging Coach Bo, but he doesn't want to lose his job he says joking around."

How do you see that OL coming along?
"They are coming along. Obviously we are missing Mike Moudy right now, who's a huge piece. I feel like he's going to be our right guard right now, but Givens Price has come a long way."

On the OL, you have mentioned (Alex) Lewis and (Jake) Cotton. On that left side they seem to be a couple fireballs.
"They are a bunch of hot heads. That's what I want. I don't want my offensive line to be nice. I want a bunch of nasty mean dudes. People that spit in your face. I want those kinds of dudes. That's what they bring, old school Nebraska back. Alex Lewis definitely is a tough guy. You don't want to get in his way, if you are in the hole, you better get out of the way. He finishes until the whistle and loves his players. He always tells me he wants to get me to 2,000. He really cares and love how he has come into the program and make an impact."

Is he (Alex Lewis) quiet off the field?
"He's very quiet. Not on the field. He's about his business. That's what we need this year. We are trying to get a championship, so we need businessmen. We don't need a bunch of friends. That's cool but when we are on the field we want to be good teammates, not friends."

Is there something when you compare this spring to past springs that stands out?
"That defense. That defense is athletic…overall in each spot I feel it's very athletic. In that safety spot, Nate Gerry is very athletic. He's picking things up and doing very well. The defense flies around the ball. That's what you want, because mostly likely they are going to give the offense the ball more."

Do you have to pickup the offense from time-to-time and remind them it's a pretty good group they are facing?
"Yeah, we know what we are going against. We could potentially be going against the best defense in the Big Ten. Those guys are competing. Obviously you can say it, but they have to prove it. But I have confidence in my teammates. There are days they kick our butts. But we have to understand we are young and still trying to figure things out. We have some new wrinkles we are trying to figure out. Going against them day in and day out, it's going to make us better every day."

Ameer, who are the fastest guys on the team?
"Kenny Bell – he's humble and modest, but he's fast as crap. He can run. It depends on what we are running. If it's a shorter race, I would put myself, Josh Mitchell, Jonathan Rose, Charles Jackson, and Terrell Newby."

What about Gerry? He was a track star in HS.
"Gerry's picked up a little football weight (laughter)."

Pound-for-pound, who are some of the strongest?
"We have a picture in the locker room. It's a guy on the wall, I think his name is Ameer…I think he's a stud (laughter). I'm just playing. But pound-for-pound, Corey Cooper, I would say Nate Gerry, Adam Taylor. That kid is ridiculous."

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