Coach speak: Michael Decker

Two weeks ago the Huskers picked up a commitment from in-state offensive lineman Michael Decker. The Huskers got a great one according to Omaha (Nebr.) North head coach Larry Martin.

Michael Decker was the first player from Omaha to commit to Nebraska since 2009. The 6-foot-4 and 280-pound offensive lineman from Omaha (Nebr.) North has a lot more going for him than just his size according to his head coach.

Michael Decker

"It's invaluable having a player like Michael on the team," Head coach Larry Martin said about his star offensive lineman. "He's embraced good, strong leadership.

"He took note of the excellent leaders on our football team. He recognized it and ran with it. It's been enjoyable to see him become the player that he is."

But it doesn't end there. Coach Martin says that his two-way lineman is intelligent. Decker understands both sides of the football when adjustments have to be made and why.

"The biggest thing for Michael is that he's very smart. He has good overall football sense and he understands both sides of the football. When you are teaching a technique he then understands the ins and outs."

"He understands when we have to change things up based on what we are facing and why. He is very good at doing it all."

Only when you thought Coach Martin would be done listing off the top qualities then he mentions the physical side. Coach Martin says that Decker flashes on film picking up the defenders and slamming them onto their backs.

"One of the best things about Michael is his competitiveness and his toughness. Michael really stands out in those areas. Watching his highlights -- especially on offense -- it's remarkable.

"He is so explosive and so strong. He is literally coming off of the football and getting in his man and lifting guys up off of the ground and then landing on them. He works incredibly hard in the off-season."

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