27 offers and counting for Washington

Nebraska is on the road taking a look at players to wrap up their 2015 class and also getting a look at the 2016 and 2017 kids as well. Robert Washington is one of the top junior running backs in the nation and he picked up an offer from Nebraska earlier this week.

One of the top junior running backs in the nation is Robert Washington. The four-star recruit from Huntersville (N.C.) SouthLake Christian is getting ready for spring ball after getting hurt doing track this spring.

"I have just been working out getting ready for the season," Washington said. "I rolled my ankle running track and missed some time as a result. I am not going to run again this year because I can't run in enough meets to qualify for state."

Robert Washington with Terrell Newby

The 5-foot-10 and 205-pound running back set out to get better in the offseason, but at nothing specifically. It was more a complete package approach.

"I would say just the normal stuff. I wanted to get bigger, strong, faster and become a better teammate. I wanted to really become the most versatile running back I possibly could."

Washington says that you can't say that he's one type of running back. He possesses qualities that puts him into both categories: power and speed. Washington also says that he's talented enough as a receiver that he doesn't have to leave the field on third down.

"I am balanced. I have power and speed."

"We run a lot of zone and I can run you over or I can run away from young. I can also catch the ball so I am not a guy that needs to be replaced on third down. I am pretty good on pass blocking too, but a lot of that has to do with scheme and study."

There have been some trips that Washington has taken so far this spring including one today. At the moment though there are no more visits planned as Washington gets ready to work with a new head coach this spring.

"I have been to Notre Dame, Tennessee, Penn State, West Virginia, Ohio State, Pittsburgh and I visited Maryland today. I don't have any other trips set up right now because we have a new head coach and I have to learn a new offense."

It doesn't seem possible, but the junior running back is nearing 30 total offers. One of the last offers for Washington came from the Huskers. Washington has had a conversation with the Nebraska running backs coach about the role of the running back in their offense.

"I have 27 offers and Nebraska was one of the last teams to offer," Washington said. "The Big Ten is a running back conference. Nebraska produces NFL running backs and they surround their offense around the play of the running back.

"I have spoken with Coach Ron Brown about Nebraska and he told me that he's not afraid to play a true freshman running back and that he's done it before. I would definitely be interested in visiting Nebraska. I actually have met Terrell Newby before because we were playing USA Football. He was a senior and I was a freshman.

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