Nebraska offer surprises Turner

Nebraska reached into Virginia last year and grabbed Demornay Pierson-El. They have their eyes on a similar player this year. Can Nebraska get a visit?

A.J. Turner is a nationally rated running back from Clifton (Va.) Centreville, but he's being looked at to play wide receiver at the next level by some schools. One of the most recent offers came from Nebraska and the Huskers see Turner playing wide receiver.

"I have to admit that I was a bit surprised," Turner said. "Coach J.P. came by the school here to see me. I hadn't heard a lot from Nebraska up to that point; maybe just a couple of times.

"There are some pretty strict rules about how you can't talk to the coaches face to face right now. I did find out though that Nebraska liked me and was going to offer me."

Turner admits that there isn't a lot that he knows about Nebraska. In fact, he might only know what the mascot is. However, he said that he was going to start researching the school more.

"I don't actually know a lot about Nebraska. I know that they are the Cornhuskers and that they are in the Big Ten. I plan on doing a lot more research on them to find out more about them and what they are about."

At 5-foot-11 and 180-pounds Turner says that he has a good combination of size and speed. He gives himself credit for being a good athlete as well, but also says that everything that he does well can be better.

"I would say that I am balanced and that I have good size and speed. It's tough for me to talk a lot about myself and describe my abilities. I would say that I have the tangibles and that I am a good athlete, but I can definitely get better."

As a junior Turner finished with 1,240 yards rushing and 23 TDs and 440 yards receiving and five more scores.

Turner has been to four schools so far this year. Beyond those four trips he says that there aren't anymore plans mainly because of the amount of coordinating that the visits take for he and his family to pull together. If Turner were to visit Nebraska it might have to wait for an official visit because of distance and cost.

"I have been to Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech and to South Carolina already. I don't have any other visits planned at this point because it's hard on my family and parents to make all of these trips and plan it out.

"Nebraska might be a school that I would consider visiting. We have made some long car rides before, but there is a chance that I would consider taking one of my official visits to see Nebraska."

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