Quick hitter: Harrison appears in mock draft

One of the biggest summer questions when it comes to Husker football will be the status of Monte Harrision.

Baseball American is one of the most respected media outlets when it comes to Major League draft coverage and their recent mock draft on Thursday should worry Husker fans.

Monte Harrison, a three-star wide receiver signee and the Huskers top baseball talent in the 2014 class is projected to be picked in the first round by the Tampa Bay Rays. Most feel at Scout.com if Harrison is selected in the first round, he would opt to become a professional baseball player.

Baseball's current collective bargaining agreement went into place during the 2012 draft – reducing the amount of money teams can spend on signing players. While it's not an exact science and teams can exceed their allotment on picks by paying luxury taxes, the Rays will have roughly $2.035 million to spend on their 20th pick.

Asked about Harrison during his National Signing Day press conference in February, Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini said he feels football is very important to Harrison.

"I think he has every intention of coming here to play football and also play baseball. If that changes, who knows? I know one thing, it would have to be something pretty significant to keep him from doing it because I know in his mind he sees himself as football player," said Pelini. "He likes to play the game and is excited about coming here. If something out of the ordinary gets thrown his way where he has to make a decision, at that point we'll sit down and talk about it."

The Huskers are just a couple years removed from having another dual-sport athlete, Bubba Starling, forgo football for a professional baseball career.

Obviously, Bubba was here, came here. Reported here," Pelini said in February. "I don't know what the money was, but I know it was pretty significant. It was life-changing money. Is that going to be the situation Monte is in? I don't know."

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