Perry Is In An Ivy League State Of Mind

Jackson Perry is considering passing up some big time scholarships for an Ivy League opportunity...

Jackson Perry places a premium on the "student" component of student-athlete. While most prospects are chasing program prestige, stepping stones to the NFL, and relationships with their future coaches, Perry is out for the best education.

"My dad always tell me football will only take me so far," Perry explained. "Ivy League schools like Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, and Yale are recruiting me extremely hard and have even gone as far as to tell me I am on the top of their recruiting boards. The connections and opportunities I would establish at one of those schools would last forever, football on the other hand, not so much. At this point, I am leaning towards an Ivy League school, but I have to check them out this summer."

The versatile linemen from Bishop Gorman can play both ways and is highly sought after by Nebraska and close to half of the Pac-12. Nebraska has already extended an offer, and UCLA is highly considering pulling the trigger on Perry.

"I went out to see Nebraska for their Spring Game, and nearly committed on the spot," Perry claimed. "If I had to sum up my trip to Nebraska in two words it would be "loved it". It was mind blowing; the fans, the team cohesiveness, the facilities, and really everything was amazing. The stadium was filled up for the game, it was apparent how much football meant to those people. Most schools struggle to put 10,000 in the stadium for a spring game, the Cornhuskers brought in over 60,000. Honestly, that was one of the coolest experiences in my life. I came really close to committing."

UCLA is another school that has been pursuing Perry since February.

"In February, Coach Mazzone told me he wants me to be a Bruin," Perry said. "I've been in touch with Coach Mazzone a lot since then. UCLA is an awesome place, the campus is one of the best in the country. Their football program is on the rise too. I've been out there a few times, and I could definitely see myself playing there. UCLA has a top notch medical program, which is huge for me."

Perry didn't grow up with a favorite team, and is open-minded about where he goes to school.

"I don't really have a dream school," Perry explained. "I don't know what the perfect school looks like. I could see myself in a city, on the coast, or a small college town. At this point, I am open to anything and anywhere. Academics are key. I want to major in physics or engineering, but pre-med intrigues me as well."

Perry has a 3.7 GPA, while taking all honors/AP classes. If one of the Ivy League schools was able to wrestle him away from a BCS program they'd be landing a great student with tremendous ability on the football field. Perry can play defensive tackle, offensive guard, or center. At 6'2 270 lbs, Perry is strong as an ox, squatting 475, cleaning 290, and benching 365. Equally impressive is his athleticism, Perry was one of the best heavyweight wrestlers in Nevada, can dunk a basketball, and rarely leaves the football field. Jackson Perry is the definition of a student-athlete.

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