Blood, sweat and tears paying off

The scholarship offers have piled up for Christian Gaylord and it has led to a commitment to Nebraska. But, recently he received an honor that has really validated all of his efforts to this point on the football field.

Christian Gaylord is as solid of a commitment as they come. The 6-foot-6 and 270-pound offensive tackle from Baldwin (Kans.) had a pretty laid back spring in comparison to his spring last year.

"The spring went pretty good," Gaylord said. "I just went to the spring game at Nebraska and lifter really. It was kind of nice to not have to travel.

"Last year I went all over the place. I went to Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas State and just all over. This year was just chill."

There was some pretty good traffic through Baldwin to see Gaylord, but it's clear it would have been more had he still been on the market. He said that he called all of the schools that he had a close relationship with when he knew that he was going to Nebraska.

"I know that Minnesota, Kansas State and Iowa State all came at least once and Nebraska was here a lot. There wasn't a lot of traffic because I was already committed.

"I called all of the schools before I did it -- all of the schools I had developed a relationship with -- and told them I was committing to Nebraska. They respected that."

Gaylord will be back on the road to Lincoln in a few weeks for one of the two Big Red Weekend events. He wants some time with some of the non-committed players as well as a chance to speak with some of the other commitments on that weekend.

"I am going to Nebraska for Big Red Weekend on June 14th. There are some recruits that haven't committed and I will get some one-on-one time with them. I also like hanging out with the other commits."

A few weeks ago Gaylord picked up a huge honor. He says that he was at the senior scholarship ceremony when he got the honor. It caught him off guard completely.

"I was nominated for the U.S. Army All-American Game," Gaylord said. "There are 400 nominations and 90 will get to play in the game. It was an honor to get that nomination. The sweat, blood and tears have really paid off."

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