Farmer ready to compete

Illinois product Tanner Farmer is scheduled to hit Lincoln this weekend. Come inside as the incoming freshman talks about his goals to compete in year one.

The Nebraska football offices are likely to be pretty busy this weekend. Not only is it the first session of Big Red Weekend, but the Huskers' incoming freshman class will be moving to campus as well.

One of those players is All-American guard Tanner Farmer, who talked with Big Red Report just days before leaving for Lincoln.

The offensive line is a position that seems to be tough to crack in year one. Too often players come to the college game used to dominating the competition - most are just more physical than their defensive line counterparts in high school. It causes some players to form bad habits and improper techniques. The difference between an 18-year old teenager and a 22-year old man is also a big jump.

Farmer knows what is stacked against him, but he's going to give it his best shot to play in year one.

"I'm going into it with a positive attitude and am going to try to give it the best performance I can. Hopefully I can earn a spot. I know that nothing is for sure and anything can happen," said Farmer. "I feel like I'm ready to play and be able to perform well. Hopefully I can do what they ask me. I know they will prep me going into the summer and early fall."

Farmer, who will likely room with defensive end Peyton Newell this summer, hasn't needed to look far for advice about taking the next step. His father Brian, played at Ole Miss for one season.

"He likes the idea of redshirting because of his personal experience in college," said Tanner. "He says it's better to get accustomed to college so you don't get overwhelmed. That redshirt year would probably help me with my maturity. The offensive line is really hard to jump into year one, because of the maturity both physically and mentally. But I'm hoping I can mature fast enough to take a spot if I can."

After cutting weight during wrestling season, Farmer is back up to 300 pounds and currently pushing 6-foot-2. When he signed with Nebraska in February, Farmer was the six player from Illinois since 2010 to head to Lincoln.

"There are Nebraska fans everywhere. Every town has a Nebraska fan. You can always find someone," said Farmer. "I think Nebraska is such a great school and has such great coaches, I think they can recruit anywhere. I think Illinois has some talent and have been lucky enough to pick up some offers from Nebraska."

It's BRR's prediction Farmer redshirts in 2014, mainly because of the depth in front of him (senior Jake Cotton, senior Mike Moudy, junior Givens Price, and junior Chongo Kondolo). But what the incoming freshman did in Orlando at Under Armour All-American practices was not only impressive, but telling. He's got the talent to play early - even if the Huskers won't likely need him this year.

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