Incoming freshman Q&A: DeAndre Wills

Incoming freshman DeAndre Wills says he just wants to do anything he can to help Nebraska in 2014.

Nebraska 2014 signee DeAndre Wills is just four days away from starting his career in Lincoln. Over the weekend, Big Red Report caught up with the incoming freshman to see what he's been doing this offseason.

Talk about your offseason workouts. Has there been anything you have been working on specifically to get ready?
"I'm just trying to get faster. The game speed is a lot different than high school, so I'm just working on my speed."

DeAndre Wills

Based off the depth at the defensive end spot in the spring and the staff's track record over the years of giving young guys a shot, do you go into fall camp with the mindset that you can play this year and maybe make some noise?
"Absolutely. I love football and live for football. Whatever Coach Kaz asks me to help the team I will do. I want to help. That's all. I really want to step in and help."

If you are just looking to help the team, it sounds like you are open to playing or redshirting if asked? Some guys just don't want to redshirt.
"I don't want to redshirt, but Coach Kaz talked to me when I committed. When we were face-to-face he said basically if I come in and do what I think I can do, I have a shot to get playing time."

You said the speed, how are trying to improve on it?
"I'm grinding. Working out and running every day. No rest. Basically taking everything a step at a time and not trying to rush anything."

Have you had much interaction with other guys that are joining the squad with you?
"I have talked to A.J. Bush and Sedrick King a little bit. I have been talking to some of the players up there as well, like Randy Gregory. He's telling me to keep my mind straight and let's go."

You are rooming with Sedrick King this summer. Is it weird at all knowing you guys both play the same position and have the same goals and will likely be competing with each other?
"He wants the same things I want, so no doubt it will be interesting. He's a great player and I'm a great player. We are coming together to try to help the team of Nebraska. We are teammates."

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