Fuller Likes GT Plans For Him

Griffin High School (GA) athlete Keyston Fuller was one of a large group of prospects that vsited Georgia Tech for their recruit day. Fuller is being recruited by Tech for both football and baseball.

Profile - Keyston Fuller

"I always enjoy my trips to Georgia Tech and this one was a little different." Keyston described this visit as being more laid back. "Usually when you go on a visit, you get the coaches in coach mode but this visit showed me another side of their personality."

Fuller took the time to get to know some of the other recruits that were on the visit. "We kind of picked one anothers' brain to see how they were thinking and how it would be if we went to Georgia Tech and became teammates." Keyston spent time with his good friend Nick Dawson along with receiver Christian Philpott and corner Dante Wigley.

Coach Lamar Owens spent some time with Keyston to let him know that he would be an A Back in their spread option offense. "He said they would make use of my speed and also make good use of my receiving skills." Fuller liked the plans that Tech has for him.

Georgia Tech baseball Coach Danny Hall was away on a recruiting trip but he did leave a message for Keyston. "He said that I had a spot on the team and that he was really hoping I would come to Georgia Tech and help out both programs. He said he values me as a baseball player."

Georgia Tech was already one of Fuller's top schools. This visit elevated them even more. "This was one of the best trips I've had."

Keyston has now started his summer league baseball schedule so additional visits may not happen. "I will get with my parents to see if we will be able to make the visit to Duke next week." Duke is one visit Fuller hopes to make.

A post season decision is still in the works for Keyston. "My mom and I feel this is the best way to do it.

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