Rector impressed by Nebraska

Nebraska hosted 2015 defensive end Christian Rector for Big Red Weekend. The talented defensive end says that he can see himself fitting in on the Nebraska defensive line.

Christian Rector said that it was a full day in Lincoln for Big Red Weekend. The standout defensive end from Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola said that he spent over eight hours on campus today.

"We saw a lot," Rector said. "We got to the stadium around 1:00 and didn't wrap things up until around 9:15 or 9:30 at night. It was a long day but went quick."

The facilities always get rave reviews from the recruits and Rector was no different. He also said that he liked how everything was laid out and was close together.

"I really liked how new all of the facilities were at Nebraska. I also liked how everything seemed oriented around the football facilities. Nothing was too far away from anything else."

One of the things about the weekend that the recruits seemed to like was the position meeting. Rector said that he liked talking to the position coach and the players. He said he could also see himself in the Nebraska defense.

"The position meeting was definitely a good experience. We got a chance to talk with the players and heard it from them about what a day is like and why they chose Nebraska.

"I like the defense and I can see myself as a pass-rusher as well as a run-stopper in their defense. Coach Rick Kaczenski said that most of his players play an entire series and doesn't substitute on every down."

Nebraska had two commitments in this weekend with one being defensive end DaiShon Neal. Rector said he got a chance to speak a little bit with Neal and why he chose the Huskers.

"I spoke with DaiShon Neal a little bit," Rector said. "He's a pretty tall guy. He took some time to talk to me about why he chose Nebraska."

Rector was prepped a little bit about what he would see on his visit to Nebraska by his high school head coach. Looking back at the visit there were three things that he said really stood out to him about the visit.

"My head coach, Coach Marvin Sanders, told me about Nebraska a little bit going into the visit. He told me about the stadium, the gameday and sell out record. I liked how new everything was, how nice everyone was to me and the college town."

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