Top 2016 in-state recruit?

The focus of Big Red Weekend has typically been on the class at hand. But, Nebraska hosted a number of underclassmen this weekend including this two-way standout who could possibly be the best the state has to offer in 2016.

Let the discussion begin with who might be the top player in the state of Nebraska next year. It may very well be Noah Fant, a tight end/defensive end from Omaha (Nebr.) South. The 6-foot-4 and 210-pound Fant was in Lincoln Saturday for Big Red Weekend.

"We did a lot of stuff," Fant said. "We took a tour of all of the facilities in the stadium, saw the workout facility, training table and the academic center.

"We also got a chance to get into the dorms. They are called the Nebraska suites. It's really a lot like an apartment. They were really nice."

Fant is a physical presence on the field and being that he's only a junior could be regarded as an athlete. There seems to be a preference by the Nebraska staff right now where he would play, but ultimately how his body would develop would matter the most.

"When we broke out for meetings I went with Coach Barney Cotton and the tight ends. They like me as a tight end and possibly as a defensive end. It's really a question of where my body goes.

"I thought that was cool to see. It's very advanced from high school. I am looking forward to getting that type of coaching in college."

Fant was headed back to Omaha on Saturday night only to come back to Lincoln on Monday. He's going to work out for the coaches -- probably at both positions -- and who knows what might happen with a good camp performance?

"I am going back to camp on Monday and I think that I am going to split the time. I will probably do tight end in the morning and defensive end in the afternoon.

"I really don't have a preference which position a school wants me to play. I think that Nebraska really likes me, but didn't mention anything about an offer. They are pretty excited about me coming back for camp."

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