Abdullah excited for playmakers

Ameer Abdullah says work still has to be done, but Nebraska's offense has a lot of potential.

LINCOLN, NE - No more Quincy Enunwa. No more Jeremiah Sirles or Brent Qvale. No more Taylor Martinez. The Nebraska offense has major holes to fill in 2014, but from the sounds of it, running back and Heisman hopeful Ameer Abdullah is tired of hearing about it.

"It's going to be funny when the season rolls around and how many playmakers there are on the field – potentially better than the Taylor Martinezs, better than the Quincy Enunwas, better than the o-lineman we had before," said Abdullah. "With what Bo is doing on the recruiting trail and the guys we have brought in athletically, it's better than what I saw my freshman year."

In an interview with Big Red Report for our summer magazine preview, Abdullah steered the conversation to how he felt the offense would be this year.

"I have said all the time, people move on. At some point you are going to have new faces. To say that just because people graduated that the team can't do something, it's silly to think about," said Abdullah. "We recruit every year. That's the nature of the program. There are a lot of guys that have to prove a lot to me, but they are hungry and guys are working.

"I have a lot of hope for the receiving corps. Alonzo Moore is a guy who is freakishly athletic. Once he gets his chance to wreck havoc on the world, watch out. Alex Lewis is very aggressive on the line. That is just a few examples. We have guys who have to prove themselves, but I expect a lot."

Abdullah, who passed on leaving early for the NFL to return for his senior season, knows expectations regarding his role in the offense will be extremely high."

"There is going to be a lot on my shoulders this year being a senior and a fourth year player. Having the year that I did last year, a lot is expected of me. I have to produce, no simpler way to say it, I can't give the ball up," said Abdullah. "As a back, it's uncomfortable hearing he has these issues. Let's drop his stock here. I don't ever want to be contempt and want to be the best. I don't like letting my teams down."

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