Top 8: Advanced Military Technology

The newest weapons and military technology that will change warfare for forever.

The Porton Man

It might look like a droid straight out Will Smith’s I, Robot, but this robot is a mannequin that will help test new and chemical biological protective suits for the UK’s military. It can mimic every movement of a soldier, testing new suit's design, durability, and resilience to chemical and biological attacks.

Check it out! Meet the UK’s Porton Man


Unmanned aircraft have increasingly shouldered more of the reconnaissance and strike work that was traditionally carried out by soldiers. Drones are changing how we conduct war for forever, as the primary benefit of the drone is accomplishing missions that far exceed human endurance limits without putting a crew in danger. “These unmanned missions save lives, and drones are only getting better,” says former Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care. “You pretty much have an unmanned killing machine at your whim...Not only are they killing machines, they’re also our eyes and ears.”

Hear more! Navy SEAL Ray “Cash” Care talks drones.

The Pilotless Chopper

The U.S. Army’s Black Hawk Chopper was made famous by the movie Black Hawk Down, but the new chopper will now be getting some of the newest technology available, including drone capabilities. That’s right. The Army’s new Black Hawk Chopper can be pilotless, along with being piloted by a crew.

Check out the Army’s New Black Hawk Chopper.

Air-conditioned helmet

Again, the U.S. Army makes it to the list for its creativity and problem-solving skills. The Army will be manufacturing and issuing a new helmet for its soldiers. But this helmet will be able to keep soldiers cool while in some of the hottest climates around the world. It has its own built-in air-conditioning system and will protect against heat stroke, as well as biological and chemical attacks. The new helmet was initially designed as a lighter replacement for the current air-purifying respirators, but engineers thought it might be useful to add in air-conditioning. Who would say no to AC?

Laser Technology

Remember the incredible destruction brought on by the Death Star’s laser technology that destroyed Princess Leia’s home planet in Star Wars? Well, the U.S. Navy’s newest laser technology might not be capable of destroying whole planets, but it can certainly take down a drone! Lasers are definitely the weapons of the future as their operation costs less than a dollar to fire a shot. Hello savings! Watch the video!

Stealth Destroyer

The U.S. Navy’s newest destroyer isn’t called the most advanced destroyer ever made for nothing. It’s invisible to radar, uses new laser gun technology, and is equipped with the most advanced air missiles and rail guns. It’s not only stealthy, it’s also deadly and it will provide missile and gun support for landed troops. Check it out!

X-Ray guns

X-ray vision is no longer reserved for comic book creators and superheroes. The United States military now has the ability to see through fabric, rubber and aluminum with their highly advanced x-ray guns. Designed after the X-ray scanners controversially used in airports, the same technology is now available for the hands of soldiers. It’s as small as breadbox and works with the press of a button.


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Long-range parachute

The U.S. Army recently tested a brand new long-range parachute, allowing troops to jump from as high as 35,000 feet and fly to a distance of close to 30 miles. The parachute was designed for the Special Forces, who demand the ability to infiltrate enemy territory without being detected. Being able to drop a soldier from a higher elevation and at a further distance from the objective will make it harder for enemy forces to detect soldiers and the aircraft. The parachute is designed more like a glider, with a semi-elliptical shaped canopy and a harness that puts the soldier’s weight on the posterior so his legs won’t go numb during flight. Batman would be jealous!

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