Gaines has a top five

The Huskers are in a number of top recruits' list of favorites. This Florida DB says that he has a top five that includes the Huskers and Nebraska could get an official visit in September.

Kaleel Gaines from Frostproof (Flor.) has been keeping busy this summer preparing for his senior season. He is going the extra mile beyond what the team does to perfect his craft.

"We are working out," Gaines said. "We are weight lifting and running together as a group. I am working out on my own. I am really working on my cornerback skills."

There have been a couple of opportunities to get out and take some trips this year. He is looking at making a few more before the end of the summer.

"I have taken visits to Michigan State and also to Tennessee. I might go to Auburn and to Alabama this summer. I am also considering going to Georgia for a visit."

Two of the schools that Gaines would like to see this summer are part of his top five. He says that he's trying to find a school where he feels the most comfortable and he wants to get on the field early.

"My top five in no particular order is Michigan State, Alabama, Auburn, Florida State and Nebraska. I am looking for a player where I am the most comfortable.

"I am looking to fit in, looking for a good coaching staff and I want to find the right school where I can come in and play early."

Gaines says that he would like to make a decision in a few months. Before he makes his decision he says that there are a couple of visits that have to be made and one would likely be an official visit.

"I would like to make a decision in the September timeframe," Gaines said. "I would plan on getting to Florida State for a game and Nebraska would also be for a game. That would probably be an official visit."

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