5 Emmy-Snubbed, Scout-Approved Shows

Get ahead of the curve this weekend and check out the Scout-sanctioned TV shows that awards committees unjustly ignore.

Awards shows should always be taken with a grain of salt, but when it comes to the Emmys, it's more like truckloads of salt. After all, this is the same awards show that failed to reward The Wire, Seinfeld's Jason Alexander, and The Office's Steve Carell. When it comes to snubs, the Emmys would win top honors for the most egregious ones and this year is no exception. Here are five shows that got little to no Emmy nominations this year, but ones that you should still definitely be watching.


Just wait and see, in a few years Hannibal will be the show that everybody is binge-watching and asking, "Hey, how come nobody ever told us about this show? It's great!" You can be that guy! The fantastically gory (you actually won't believe the stuff they get away with for a network show) and well-acted horror thriller about everyone's favorite cannibalistic serial killer Hannibal Lecter is damn good and one of the most genuinely shocking shows on TV. But the Emmys failed to recognize the series itself, its stars (including Mads Mikkelsen's spine-tingling turn as Dr. Lecter), or the show's directors. This is a show that can make your stomach turn inside out, all while you're stunned at how amazing the bloodshed looks. Before Hannibal returns for its third season on NBC, you can catch up by watching the episodes on NBC.com or Hulu.com

Orphan Black

Sci-fi shows inexplicably tend not to get much Emmy recognition, which might explain why BBC America's fan favorite series Orphan Black was wrongly ignored. Either that or one of the clones that lead actress Tatiana Maslany plays threatened to kill voters. (The only reasonable explanation, honestly.) The Canadian actress (who is loved by the Internet, but most especially by Patton Oswalt) plays multiple ass-kicking characters, very convincingly mind you, who are part of a clone experiment. So not only do you get to marvel at the gorgeous Maslany, but you get to do so again and again and again and again. Trust us, even if the Emmys never join the Clone Club, you won't be sorry you did. You can watch the first two seasons of Orphan Black on OnDemand or streaming through Amazon Prime.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Thankfully Andre Braugher got a nod for his damn funny performance as the droll Captain Ray Holt, but for whatever insane reason the rest of the cast, and the Golden Globe-winning show, didn't. Maybe it's prejudice against Andy Samberg (if we can forgive him for That's My Boy, then dammit, so can you) or maybe even the though of something Brooklyn-related scares people away (there is not a single hipster to be found here), but this was the best new comedy of the last year, with one of the best ensembles out there. The Fox sitcom follows the wacky inner workings of a Brooklyn police district, but with a smart, quick-witted sense of humor to it. Plus, it often features Terry Crews talking in the third person. Terry doesn't understand what else you could want from a show! The first season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is available on Hulu.com

The Americans

A lot of television dramas seem to hit the dreaded second season slump during their run (let us never speak of Season 2 of Friday Night Lights in this space again) but not The Americans. No, instead the FX Cold War drama — about two Soviet KGB officers (played by Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell) posing as a married American couple — only got better in its second year. So why the hell didn't the Emmys recognize this dark, sexy, compelling, and smart getting-better-as-it-goes series, or its lead stars who are turning out career-best work? Who knows? Maybe because IN MOTHER RUSSIA, EMMY SNUBS YOU. If you can't catch The Americans on VOD with your cable provider, you can stream the first two seasons online thanks to Google Play.

Inside Amy Schumer

For its sophomore year on Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer earned a nomination for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series, but it really should have gotten one for Outstanding Variety Series. The filthy, hilarious Schumer's sketch comedy show turned out more hilarious, original, daring bits in ten episodes than the nominated Saturday Night Live did all year. (So did the equally wrongly snubbed Key & Peele for that matter.) When the actress/comedian isn't interviewing phone sex operators or brilliantly skewering Aaron Sorkin, she's hitting the nail right on the head with sketches about the hell that is cable customer service or trying to pick out a movie to watch with your significant other. Guess the Emmys don't like a chick who can hang. Both seasons of Inside Amy Schumer can be streamed on Hulu.com.

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