Pelini looks for more "efficient" practices

Nebraska's November schedule run is filled with division contests. In a move to be a little fresher in the later weeks, the Husker coaching staff will look to be more efficient in practices - with the hopes of cutting "fluff."

CHICAGO, IL - In a possible move to keep his team fresher going into a division-filled November, Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini hinted at possible practices changes this fall for the Huskers.

" We are looking to be more efficient," Pelini said at Big Ten Media Day. "I didn't go visit anybody, I talked to a lot of people, people who did things different ways. Asked why. Asked how they did it. We did some research. We did some things as far as (researching) workloads. How much somebody can handle. We're starting to get some things to put in place where we can actually measure that. We are j ust trying to stay on the cutting edge of things and find better ways to do things. That's what my job is."

Nebraska was riddled with injuries in 2013 - especially on the offensive line and receiver.

"Health wise, it's more efficient. Anytime you practice football less amount of time, the less physical contact, it's pretty smart," said senior receiver Kenny Bell. "I think he's looking at week 7, 8, 9 than how we feel in week 1,2,3.

"If you look at us in week 9 from last year, we were really hurt as a unit. That came from fall camp practicing three hours a day. If you take away an hour and a half that's a lot of recovery time. That's big."

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