Delany gives his annual report

The Big Ten Commissioner answered questions by the Big Ten media on Monday.

CHICAGO - Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany had his annual B1G Media Days report after the coaches cycled through the podium on Monday.

Here are some of the highlights:

* BTN is now in 60 million homes nationally and is available globally and in 19 of the 20 major markets with a high-speed internet connection.

* Delaney wouldn’t go into too many details when asked about Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby’s “cheating pays” comment last week, but did have this to say.

I've used the word "overmatched." I haven't really gone much beyond that. I don't intend to today,” said Delany. “I have made comments from time to time about NCAA enforcement. It's an area where I started my career, and it's fairly clear to me that the conferences have to get together, have to find a mechanism or a process that serves our needs.

“My hope is over the next year to 18 months, the major conferences can come together and will find ways and processes and procedures that fit with what we're trying to achieve, which is a level of deterrence, a level of compliance, and a level of punishment that is earned.”

* Delaney feels unionization is not necessarily “inevitable” and wasn’t shocked by how things went down in Evanston. It’s something they will watch closely as labor laws differ from state-to-state.

* Delany was asked how television negotiations are going at the moment.

“We have been able to integrate Rutgers and Maryland into BTN and ESPN, as well get distributions. So we've been very busy over the last year in the television area to go from a 12-university conference to 14 and to make that seamless from a television perspective,” said Delany. “As far as what might the future hold on TV, it's hard to predict.

We are in probably the most dynamic and robust television marketplace when you read about the consolidation of companies with proposed consolidation. When you think about how interested people are in sports and television and how it's sort of DVR-proof, we're confident but not overconfident, and we've done a lot of work to prepare for that time when it comes. And it's really difficult to speculate on whether it would be a single network or multiple networks.”

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