Roby planning Nebraska visit

2016 small forward Isaiah Roby has had a busy summer, but it's not slowing down. There could still be one more trip for the talented junior before the start of the school year.

Isaiah Roby from Dixon (Ill.) had basketball camp last week in Texas. The 6-foot-7 and 185-pound small forward made the trip with a few teammates and coaches, a 13-hour drive, down to Denton, Texas.

"I have been down in Texas for camp," Roby said. "I went there with three of my teammates and some of my coaches. It was for basketball, but it was also about confidence and leadership."

Roby got some good news while on the trip. He got a message to give the Nebraska coaching staff a call. The good news was that the Huskers were ready to extend Roby an offer.

"I got the offer last week from Nebraska on the trip to Texas. My coach texted me to call Coach Tim Miles from Nebraska. Coach Miles, from what I can tell, seems real down to Earth and seems like he's a real good coach."

The consensus is that everyone likes Roby out on one of the two wings. He says that he is a good defender and matches up well. He is also a creator and distributes the ball efficiently.

"All of the schools like me as a two or a three on the wing. They like how I can guard and how I match-up. I am a good passer and I make the right play. I don't over-dribble."

The offer from Nebraska is pushing Roby towards a double-digit total. He says that he is looking at the big picture when it comes to evaluating schools and wants to go somewhere that he is comfortable.

"I have six offers. I have offers from Northern Iowa, West Illinois, Northern Illinois, Nebraska, Georgia and IUPUI. I am looking for a school that has the best resources academically and athletically. I want to go somewhere that I feel comfortable."

Following up the offer the Nebraska coaches were trying to get Roby to take a quick visit before school starts. That isn't possible right now considering all of the other trips, but there is definitely a desire by Roby to do so soon.

"I have driven through Nebraska because my dad is in the military and we have made some long drives before. I want to visit Lincoln. The coaches wanted me to come in this week or next week, but I don't think that I will be able to do that. We have just been traveling so much lately."

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