Milo set for unofficial visit

The first unofficial visit will take place this weekend for four-star offensive lineman Bar Milo. Milo says that he also has four official visits planned. Who will get a chance to host Milo this fall for an official visit?

Bar Milo from West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade College Prep is back out on the field with his team. The four-star offensive lineman spent the offseason trying to trim down and then build back up. He did an incredible job dropping 45-pounds and adding strength to his 6-foot-6 frame.

“We have started our practices already,” Milo said. “I really spent the summer trying to trim down and then add lean mass. I got up to 315-pounds and I wanted to get down. I got down to 270-pounds and the coaches didn’t want me to lose any more weight.

”I would get in and lift multiple times a day trying to add strength. I was really trying to remake my body and I was getting good results. We would put on a weight sled and me and the other lineman would push the sled 40-yards.”

The time was limited this summer, but Milo was able to make one, long trip. It wasn’t really a recruiting trip though. Milo will make his first trip to see a college campus this summer this coming weekend.

“I really didn’t have a lot of time outside of the USA National Team when we played over in Kuwait. This weekend will be my first trip when I go to see Miami. I am actually going because of one of the players on the USA National Team is a Miami commitment and I will be meeting him out there.”

This trip to Miami will be one of two that Milo will make because he will also visiting there officially. There are three other schools that he knows he will officially visit leaving that fifth slot open. That is part of his plan.

“I know that I will take an official visit to Miami, Arizona State, Nebraska and also to Washington. That last spot I am just trying to keep it open. I didn’t want to name all five because I wanted to have some flexibility.”

Husker fans are familiar with Chaminade College Prep. Just two years ago Terrell Newby signed with the Huskers. Milo knows Newby – played as an underclassmen on the offensive line – and says that he recently reconnected with the Husker running back.

“Yes, I know Terrell well. That happens when you block for a guy. He’s a tremendous team mate and a great player. He’s incredibly humble and plays his heart out on the football field.

”I hadn’t spoken with Terrell for a long time and I finally started to communicate with him again. He followed me on Twitter so I sent him a direct message and I told him that I would be taking a visit to see Nebraska this fall.”

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