BRR practice donuts (8-11-14)

Adam Taylor's injury injury is announced, Kenny Bell wants to be a punt return, and Harvey's practice observations. Plus, watch Tim Beck's media press conference.

LINCOLN, Neb. - The Huskers hit the practice field on Monday morning for the first of two workouts on the day. The Nebraska local media was invited to attend the 1.5 hour-long practice.

The big news of the morning was an injury update from Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini. Redshirt freshman running back Adam Taylor, thought to be third on the Huskers’ depth chart, will miss an indefinite amount of time with a broken ankle.

“I feel bad for Adam. He has had a great spring and was really playing well this fall,” said offensive coordinator Tim Beck. “My heart goes out for him. He has worked extremely hard, but on the same token, it is a very loaded position for us.”

Beck was also asked about the development of his quarterbacks through week one.

“I like it. I like the way they are improving---their decision making, getting rid of the ball on time,” Beck said. “I am really pleased. That is probably one of the groups that has made the biggest jump in the last three days.”

Kenny Bell wants the punt return job:

Kenny Bell

Senior wide receiver Kenny Bell took some extra time on Monday to work the punt return position, taking kicks from Sam Foltz in the Hawks Championship Center.

”I want it bad,” said Bell. “We weren’t good at punt return last and I want to play every down I can. If it’s not returning them, I want to go block.

“The game is won on offense, defense, and special teams. I want to be an intraocular part of our team.”

While Bell has seen plenty of game reps as a kick returner over the years, punt returning is a different animal the senior says.

“It’s way different, the way the ball flies and the way it comes off the foot,” said Bell. “As a kick returner you don’t have someone in your face right away when you catch it…I would say it’s the scariest position in football.”

Harvey’s practice donuts:

* The injury/did not practice report: LS.) Gabe Miller (back), RB.) Terrell Newby (unknown), Brandon Reilly (hamstring), and OT.) Alex Lewis (unkown).

* It’s safe to say Givens Price is now a offensive tackle. The junior reports the guard spot is loaded and it will give him the best shot at helping the team this season. A video interview with offensive lineman is coming.

* A Miami Dolphins scout was on hand for practice, spending a lot of time watching the defensive line.

* Quarterback Tommy Armstrong wore a green jersey during the practice after getting banged up on Saturday.

* Maliek Collins blocked a field goal attempt today, getting a good push up the middle. The Dolphins scout looked impressed.

* With Lewis out, David Knevel received first-team reps at tackle, while junior Chongo Kondolo also worked with the first-team at the guard spot.

* Tight end Greg Hart received work with the first-team and definitely brings receiving threat to the positon.

* With Newby and Taylor out, true freshman running back Mikale Wilbon received second-team reps on Monday morning.

* Sophomore safety LeRoy Alexander might not be making an impact on the field this season, but it doesn’t mean the Ohio native won’t be from the sidelines. Alexander spent a few minutes mentoring true freshman Luke Gifford after a broken missed coverage on Monday morning. Gifford seemed appreciative and asked multiple questions.

* True freshman quarterback A.J. Bush’s work ethic in fall camp so far has been second to none, throwing the football any chance he gets. The quarterbacks have some down time? Bush is throwing on the sidelines. The quarterbacks are getting some water? Bush is throwing into a net. This is the third notebook that has included the freshman QB, it’s hard to not notice him.

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