BRR Filmroom: NeKyle Lundie

Commitment No. 12 for the Huskers is a physical specimen. NeKyle Lundie from Stone Mountain (Ga.) Stephenson has good tools and should fit in well with the Nebraska passing game.

NeKyle Lundie was a name that not a lot of Nebraska fans knew before last week. The wide receiver was at Tucker High School until recently and is now at Stone Mountain (Ga.) Stephenson and just chose the Huskers over Auburn, Missouri, Georgia Tech, Illinois and Indiana offers.

When you put on the film you can see what Nebraska liked in Lundie. He's 6-foot-2 and near 200-pounds and uses his size well. He comes back to the ball and he's able to go and get it at it's highest point.

Lundie isn't a player that you will find a lot working in space. And he's not a guy that you are going to see defenders giving him a lot of credit for his speed, but he's not a lumbering, long-strider necessarily that is slow. He can surprise defenders -- watch the double-move -- and he can get separation.

The part that you have to love is what the receivers aren't expected to do, but add value doing it. Lundie is a fierce blocker. You can see when he peels back to hit a chasing defender. He has multiple "Kenny Bell"-like decleating blocks in his film.

It's going to be interesting to see what the move from Tucker to Stephenson means to his production and which other teams come in and offer. This definitely seems like a player that Nebraska got in on at the right time and could really peak somewhere down the line.

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