Top 10 Countdown: No. 2

Over the next 20 days, Big Red Report’s Josh Harvey and Bryan Munson will countdown their most important 10 players to Nebraska success in 2014.

No. 10 - Harvey: Vincent Valentine / Munson: Jake Cotton

No. 9 - Harvey: Jake Cotton / Munson: Corey Cooper

No. 8 - Harvey: Corey Cooper / Munson: Tommy Armstrong

No. 7 - Harvey: Zaire Anderson / Munson: Rose

No. 6 - Harvey: Alex Lewis / Munson: Joshua Mitchell

No. 5 - Harvey: Ameer Abdullah / Munson: Alex Lewis

No. 4 – Harvey: Josh Mitchell / Munson: Kenny Bell

No. 3: Harvey: Tommy Armstrong

Munson: Kenny Bell

No. 2:

Harvey’s pick:
WR – Kenny Bell
Senior / 6-1 /185-pounds

With 37 starts to his name; there is not a guy on the roster with more experience in the fire than Kenny Bell – that includes running back Ameer Abdullah. It also means Bell is a leader on the offense – whether he desires that role or not.

While Nebraska won’t need to air it out 40 times a contest to win football games in 2014, they will need a wide receiver who can move the chains. That might be Jordan Westerkamp’s role, but Bell could be the main reason why. The senior will demand constant attention from defensive coordinators and be the focal point of most secondaries this fall. He will likely be Armstrong’s most targeted receiver, but Bell will also make everyone around him better.

The Colorado native is also one of the best blocking receivers in the nation, which is something he strives for. Ameer Abdullah is a better running back because Kenny Bell is on his team.

Munson’s pick:
RB – Ameer Abdullah
Senior / 5-foot-9 / 195-pounds

I could have made a pretty strong argument to made Abdullah No. 1. Abdullah is different from the other runners in the stable currently at Nebraska and that is saying something. People are fired up about the talent of Imani Cross and Terrell Newby. They also like the potential there in Adam Taylor.

Abdullah is just different. The perfect running back for the offense under Tim Beck is the player that doesn’t have to come off of the field. That means picking up the blitzer, can pass block, can slip out and catch the pass, is a threat to catch the ball down the field and is a bowling bowl when he gets the ball.

And what I mean by bowling ball is like throwing up the bumpers in the gutters and a guy that can run tough, break tackles, bounce off of wound-be tackles and get yards after contact. Abdullah excels in this area, but is also a homerun threat to make those 30, 40 and 50 yard runs.

Abdullah is the benchmark for how the running backs should look and run in Lincoln now in this offense. The other running backs at Nebraska are great compliments to Abdullah and his “style”. His style that when you really get down to is the player at the position that isn’t just a homerun hitter, but also the player that does all of the little things right as well.

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