Top 10 Countdown: No. 1

Randy Gregory is the consensus No. 1 player on Nebraska's roster by Big Red Report. The list was created as the most important to Nebraska success.

No. 10 - Harvey: Vincent Valentine / Munson: Jake Cotton

No. 9 - Harvey: Jake Cotton / Munson: Corey Cooper

No. 8 - Harvey: Corey Cooper / Munson: Tommy Armstrong

No. 7 - Harvey: Zaire Anderson / Munson: Rose

No. 6 - Harvey: Alex Lewis / Munson: Joshua Mitchell

No. 5 - Harvey: Ameer Abdullah / Munson: Alex Lewis

No. 4 – Harvey: Josh Mitchell / Munson: Kenny Bell

No. 3: Harvey: Tommy Armstrong / Munson: Kenny Bell

No. 2: Harvey: Kenny Bell / Munson: Ameer Abdullah

No. 1 :

Harvey’s pick:
DE – Randy Gregory
Junior / 6-foot-6 / 240-pounds

Gregory makes everyone around him better, which is why he took my top spot. While other players on the roster might have the same effect, Gregory is the type of player who could make a defensive tackle lined up beside him an all-conference player.

The junior will demand constant double-teams this fall and be the main focus of many offensive coordinators when game-planning against the Huskers. It will be on the Nebraska coaching staff to try to use Gregory in ways that could confuse offenses to his whereabouts.

Enough said. Gregory is the number one guy. It’s not even close.

Munson’s pick:
DE – Randy Gregory
Junior / 6-foot-6 / 240-pounds

The player that means the most to this year’s team is Randy Gregory. I would also say that he is also the most dependent upon the players around him to play up to his standard of play though for him to be effective. Gregory isn’t a player that schools won’t be ready for this year. He will be a key to offensive game plans and they will account for him.

Gregory is a special talent. The kind of guy that can line up at different spots in the first two levels and make a difference from each spot. His specialty is being a pass-rushing force, but I felt that he really played the position as a very balanced player and could play every down.

It’s going to be incredibly difficult to play up to the level that he did last year because of the attention that he will draw. That’s why the supporting cast this year for Gregory has to play closer to his level to take some of the pressure off.

The difference for putting Gregory No. 1 over Abdullah at No. 2 is what happens when you take both of them off of the field. Abdullah is different than any of the other running backs. Gregory is different too in a much, much different way. There is some amazing depth at the running back position, but at defensive end there isn’t that type of depth.

Gregory is really putting the Blackshirts back on the map and he’s showing the players around him a level of play that they need to take their own games to.

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