Tommy and Tommie texting buddies?

Tommy and Tommie are talking. A former Husker great, giving advice and encouragement to one trying to become great.

According to a recent Tom Shatel article in the Omaha World Herald, Nebraska starting quarterback Tommy Armstrong is receiving some encouragement from someone who knows a thing or two about the position in Lincoln.

Tommie Frazier, a College Football Hall of Famer and former national championship winning quarterback as a Husker, has exchanged text messages with Armstrong, giving him words of encouragement.

“I’m not trying to coach,” Frazier said. “I don’t talk with (Armstrong) in-depth. I’m not here to say ‘What are you doing on offense?’

“I’m here to take the pressure off. I know what these guys are going through. The game moves so fast for a young quarterback. I want to see them perform well."

Shatel reports the relationship started when Tommy Armstrong's father Facebooked the former Husker, asking to give his son some words of encouragement last season.

Shatel's article is a good one and worth checking out: CLICK HERE

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