Gaylord spending a lot of time in Lincoln

Christian Gaylord is a commitment that will be seen a lot this fall in Lincoln for home games. The plan is to make all of the home games if the schedule permits.

Baldwin City (Kans.) offensive lineman Christian Gaylord was just up in Lincoln a week ago. The 6-foot-6 and 270-pound recruit noticed that the young offensive lineman looked good at the practice.

"I was up in Lincoln for a practice with my family recently," Gaylord said. "It was towards the end of their camp. I thought that the offensive line looked great and all of the freshman were getting a lot of reps."

Lincoln is only about 200 miles away and the plan this fall is to make as many of the home games as possible. Gaylord said he would be in town this weekend and already has a weekend picked for his official visit.

"That's the plan. I am going to go back for the game against FAU this Saturday. It really depends on our schedule. I think that Miami will be an official visit for me like most of the other commits."

Some good news for Nebraska fans is that Gaylord has been developing some versatility based on this year's offense. He says that he is now feeling good not just playing left tackle, but also right as well.

"I am playing left tackle and right tackle this year. We go heavy actually, right tackle and left tackle on the same side, and I am comfortable playing both.

"Our first practice was great and things have been going really good with the team. Last Wednesday was our first day in pads. Our first game is next Saturday."

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