BRR Filmroom: Christian Gaylord

The restoration of the pipeline in Lincoln has been an on-going process and it always will be. But, the good news is that with members of the pipeline like Christian Gaylord from Baldwin (Kans.) those days are coming sooner rather than later.

What immediately pops out on film when you watch Christian Gaylord is his size. At 6-foot-6 and 270-pounds he’s “skinny”. And when I say skinny I am really saying that he can add weight to his long frame which is a good thing. You can see him adding 35+-pounds very easily and not having a problem moving and moving is what Gaylord does well now.

Lining up at left tackle in his junior film – when you see his senior film you will get a look at Gaylord playing either left or right tackle depending on the set and the play call – you see an athletic guy that plays low. This is key, because sometimes size alone is enough to merely drape the would-be defender and technique goes out the window.

There literally aren’t a lot of people that stack up to Gaylord in Kansas so seeing the knee bend and not popping up immediately is a great sign. Gaylord also gets up the field to the second level and doesn’t just pop off of the block.

Instead, he engages the defender in the framework of the body and drives him until the play is past him. It’s very reminiscent of the pipeline days in the 90s when you saw Nebraska offensive lineman downfield and then the ball carrier went running past.

Nebraska has to like the fact that they have a player that can be put out at left tackle and can move his feet, but also understands what it takes to run-block. Pass-blocking at the next level is going to be a huge leap simply because of the speed of the game and the rush ends.

However, the run-blocking aspect about getting to an area where the defender will be, understanding hand placement, getting leverage by staying low and then engaging the defender and driving are really the areas that Nebraska has to be impressed and like what they have in Gaylord being a future member of the team.

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