Huskers back to work after successful week

After a record day on Saturday, Nebraska is getting back to work, this time preparing for a FCS opponent.

LINCOLN, Neb. - Days after putting up nearly 800 yards of total offense, Nebraska’s message on Monday was one of getting back to work.

“The end result was great, but we have technique and stuff to focus on – we will get after it this week,” said offensive lineman Mike Moudy. “We are very hard on ourselves and each other in the film room. That’s the key to victory, you can’t be complacent.”

The Huskers put up 784 yards to be exact on Saturday, but it was the little things that will be the focus this week as the Huskers prepare to be heavy favorites once again.

“When you watch the film, it’s not the things that hurt you in the game, but the things that will hurt you down the road,” said Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini. “There were a lot of mistakes, things that obviously showed it was our first game – in all phases of the game.”

Nebraska’s next opponent, McNeese State, will be making their season debut. The lack of tape on the FCS opponent could make for an interesting first couple of series.

“They are really good team,” said running back Ameer Abdullah. “I saw them play on TV a couple times last year. They are very athletic and fast side-to-side. Don’t take anyone lightly. College football, everyone puts their pads on the same way.

“They have nothing to lose.”

Abdullah was asked about playing a FCS opponent.

”It scares me,” said Abdullah. “Not many people are expecting them to win the game, so you can let it hang all loose. You can call all your trick plays, you can fake a punt, a field goal, you can blitz every play you want.”

McNeese State is the last FCS opponent currently scheduled for Nebraska and it's unlikely with the new playoff format, fans will see any on the schedule in the near future.

While Pelini has respect for FCS schools, he would like to see regular D-1 opponents on the Huskers schedule in years to come.

"I would prefer not to have to deal with that," said Pelini. "Who know how scheduling is going to go down the road...I think scheduling will change dramatically for everyone across the board over the next few years."

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