Working as recruiter

Nebraska commit Christian Gaylord was in Lincoln this weekend for an unofficial visit. The talented offensive line recruit has become something of a recruiter for the Huskers on these weekends.

Nebraska commit Christian Gaylord from Baldwin (Kans.) was one of a number of commits in Licnoln for the season opener. The future Husker got some time with the staff, the commits and an uncommitted, 2016 recruit.

"We got there around 11:00 or so that morning," Gaylord said. "I talked to the coaches before lunch. I talked to the commits all day and really got to know them a little more. I also spoke with Jared Bubak."

Gaylord says that he's not pushing any recruit to just commit to Nebraska. He's trying to keep the recruits true to their best interests in fact. He says that through that approach he's already made a great friend in Bubak.

"My approach with them is in their best interest. You do your best to just be their friend, have some laughs and that's what I have been doing with Jared.

"We have really gotten to be good friends through the process. He's a guy that I would literally consider being room mates with in college. We are close."

There were some new features to the stadium this past weekend for all of the fans to see. Gaylord noticed and came away very impressed with the new features.

"Oh yeah I was very impressed by the big "N" on the scoreboard. The sound system was redone too and it was great. The fireworks after the touchdowns were pretty cool too."

Nebraska has another home game this weekend. Gaylord says that this weekend might be tough to get to, but he's working on a plan.

"I am going to try, but we might have practice," Gaylord said. "Our first game is this week and I don't want to miss our first practice after a game. If there is a way to make up the practice I will."

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