Armstrong looks for improvements

Nebraska's sophomore quarterback talks about the improvements he can make after breaking down Saturday's performance.

LINCOLN, Neb. - In his first game as Nebraska’s clear-cut No. 1 quarterback, sophomore Tommy Armstrong set a career-high with 271 yards passing on 15-of-29 attempts.

“I left a bunch of passes out there,” Armstrong told reporters on Monday. “I overthrew a couple of passes to Ameer (Abdullah) and Alonzo (Moore)…We just got to get better at the passing game. I made smart decisions, but I just got to get the ball to my receivers.

“I just wasn’t putting it in the right place…It felt like sometimes me and Kenny (Bell) were on the wrong page and me and Alonzo were on the wrong page here and there. That’s just the thing we have got to keep stressing on in practice.”

While Armstrong hopes to improve his competition rate; one stat that did standout on Saturday was the Huskers’ third down percentage – often a major reflection on the quarterback.

“We stressed a lot on it at practice,” said Armstrong. “We’ve been going over second-and-long and third-and-long in practice with Coach (Tim) Beck, and he says as long we convert third-downs we are going to stay alive. That’s what he has been stressing in fall and spring camp.

“When teams are good they convert third-and-longs. That’s what they’re good at. That’s what we’ve been stressing the last couple of weeks.”

While Florida Atlantic’s front seven wasn’t Michigan State like, or even Big Ten caliber, Armstrong showed an ability to be a threat if defenses sell out to stop the run.

“If you want to load the box, you’re going to have to keep our guys going down the field,” said head coach Bo Pelini. “We've got some guys who can make a stretch down the field, that’s for sure.”

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