Matt Kegel to check out Nebraska

There will be a number of official visitors in Nebraska this weekend to see the Huskers take on the Hurricanes from Miami. This talented junior will also be in town for his first trip to Lincoln.

Chaska (Minn.) junior offensive lineman Matt Kegel says that this year is much different than last year. The 6-foot-5 and 295-pound recruit is having to drive home to his team what is important in every contest.

"The season is going pretty good," Kegel said. "We are 2-2 and off to kind of a rocky start. We went 11-1 last year so it's different. Last year was a bit of a surprise and adjusting to it is tough. We have to go leave it all on the field every game."

Kegel has been playing tackle for his team. He hasn't had a lot of dialogue with colleges about where they see him playing. He says that he's played inside before in the past, but if he had his choice he would stay outside at tackle at the next level.

"I am playing right tackle. I haven't spoken with too many schools about where they see me. Minnesota likes me at tackle. They said that I have the right build. I can play guard and I have snapped before. I like playing outside though, personally."

The in-state school was the first and so far the lone offer for Kegel. It was a bit of a dream offer, but there is definitely some negatives that come with it. Kegel is going to sit back and let the process roll to see what other offers come in.

"Minnesota is the only school that has offered. They offered me after camp at the beginning of summer. They will definitely be in my top three. Being so close to home scares me a bit. My mom works 10 minutes from campus. I always wanted to kind of get away to go to school. I want to wait now to see what other offers show."

The coaches at Chaska have been working with Kegel when it comes to recruiting. They have Kegel focused on what is the most important part of the decision process and that's the school first.

"The number one thing is can I be there without football," Kegel said. "You know what's going to happen. I am also looking at the staff and looking for that family feeling while I am there."

The Huskers have a big home game this weekend and Kegel says that he and his family will be in attendance. He wants to get to meet the staff first and then just try and fit in. He wants to feel like he's part of the family while he's there.

"We are going to Nebraska this weekend. It's my first trip to Lincoln. I want to meet the staff. I just want to see if they'll treat me as a family member and like I belong."

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