Christian Gaylord enjoys official visit

There were 11 official visitors in Lincoln this past weekend. Four of them were commitments including Christian Gaylord. Gaylord has been to Nebraska a number of times, but came away with what he saw this weekend.

Baldwin (Kans.) offensive lineman Christian Gaylord was on his official visit this weekend to Nebraska. The future Husker had a long day, but comes away impressed with what he sees every time in Lincoln knowing the will be there next year.

"I had a game on Friday night," Gaylord said. "We left about midnight and got to Lincoln about 4:30 in the morning. It was a long day, but it was a good day and worth it.

"It was my official visit so we got to speak to Bo Pelini before the game. Basically the game is always special because I am committed and will be playing for them next year."

Part of the weekend included honoring the 1994 National Championship team from Nebraska. Gaylord and his family bumped into the head coach from that team outside the stadium.

"We met Tom Osborne leaving the stadium. We really didn't know what to say at that moment. The whole 1994 team was in the hall outside the locker room before the game too.

"When they all saw us they came out and shook our hands and told us welcome to the team. When they were coming out of the tunnel walk they looked like they were having fun like they were in college again."

Nebraska ran the ball extremely well against Miami. Gaylord is looking forward to taking his run-blocking skill set to Lincoln next year and putting it to good use.

"Their run game was really top-notch on Saturday night," Gaylord said. "I come from a school where we throw the ball about five times a game. Going to an offense like that makes you feel good about yourself.

"Getting a chance to watch Ameer Abdullah and the offensive line block for him is special. I won't get to block for him so I enjoy watching him. It's really cool."

There were 11 official visitors and a number of unofficial visitors in Lincoln this weekend. Gaylord hung out with an offensive line recruit there on an unofficial visit and a commitment in the class of 2016.

"All of the recruits were cool. I got to talk to most of them. I know that Jackson Perry had a blast. He really loved it.

"Jared Buback and I are basically best friends. He loves it and I can't wait to play with him. I saw all of the other commits and I just can't wait to play with all of them."

Gaylord was unable to make it up to the previous home game. He may have problems making it back for the game against Illinois this coming weekend. He is going to try and get there, but has to take an important test that morning.

"I am going to try. I have a college algebra compass test. If you do really well on the first three questions you are done. It's a pretty big deal. It's early so I am going to try and make it."

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