Reuben Jones impressed by Nebraska

One of the most talked about official visitors in Lincoln this weekend was Lakeland (Flor.) Lake Gibson defensive end Reuben Jones. What were Jones thoughts about the weekend?

Reuben Jones from Lakeland (Flor.) Lake Gibson didn't head back to Florida until Tuesday morning from Nebraska after his official visit. The three-star defensive end was late getting to Lincoln on Saturday allowing for the extended stay.

"I got to Lincoln on Saturday afternoon," Jones said. "Before the game we ate and went straight to the stadium. We walked out on the red carpet and the fans made us feel like we were part of the team. It was crazy!"

Jones was interested in getting a close look at Randy Gregory on Saturday night. Jones says that people have compared him to Gregory and he saw the potential there to be dominant with the Nebraska defensive line.

"Randy Gregory is good! That man is good. He had No. 44 last year and that's my number. I was told a number of times that people thought I played like him. I could dominate on that line.

"I know that I can get after the quarterback. My cover skills now -- we don't cover a lot unless it's a screen -- but I can come off of the edge. I think that the Nebraska defense is a great fit for me."

People in the stadium came away thinking it was the loudest game they had ever heard in Memorial Stadium. What were Jones' thoughts about the environment and playing in front of that many people.

"It was so loud on Saturday night I couldn't even hear myself talk. That is the biggest crowd that I have ever seen. They have that many people for every home game too."

Putting Jones on the spot he couldn't give the trip to Nebraska a perfect score. It wasn't because the visit wasn't perfect. It was mainly because Jones hasn't taken any other visits to compare this one to.

"I don't know what a '10' looks like, but I could say that it was a '9'. I don't have anything to compare this visit to. It's probably a '10'. The best part of the weekend was the game. It was so wild."

What's left for Jones? He says that he will take more official visits, but doubts that he will take all five. He also says that he will likely commit shortly after he takes his final visit.

"I don't know if I will take all five visits," Jones said. "I will probably visit Michigan State, West Virginia and maybe Duke. I will probably be done with all of my visits at some point in November and I will likely commit a couple days later."

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