Huskers in picture for Lamar Jackson

Nebraska had an opportunity to host standout quarterback Lamar Jackson again this past weekend. After returning back home to Florida there are Husker fans curious to see if Nebraska can change his mind?

Boynton Beach (Flor.) quarterback Lamar Jackson has been committed to Louisville since the end of August. Just a few short weeks later the three-star recruit and the No. 29 rated quarterback in the nation took an official visit to Nebraska.

Boynton Beach Head Coach Rick Swain has had a few opportunities to talk with Jackson since his start quarterback returned to Florida. He did mention that there hadn’t been an in-depth conversation yet.

“I really haven’t had a chance to talk to him in great detail,” Head Coach Rick Swain said. “He missed practice Monday because his flight was delayed. Yesterday we had practice and he left immediately following. I do know this; he really enjoyed himself.”

Coach Swain said that there isn’t just one thing that Jackson likes about Nebraska. In fact, he says that it’s Nebraska’s overall commitment to their football program that has Jackson the most fascinated.

“He likes everything about Nebraska football. He really likes their commitment to their football team. He wants to get his education and get that degree, but one of the big reasons he really likes Nebraska is their football program.”

Nebraska fans are interested in finding out if the official visit to Nebraska has Jackson thinking about decommitting from Louisville or changing his commitment all together. Coach Swain isn’t sure that Jackson is quite to that point yet chiefly because Jackson hasn’t seen Louisville yet.

“That I really couldn’t tell you. He’s seen Nebraska and hasn’t seen Louisville. If he visits Louisville and he likes what he sees that would likely keep the commitment firm. But I can tell you this, it was be ‘hooah’ of Nebraska to stay on him. I know that he really likes them.”

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