Isaiah Roby enjoys Nebraska visit

The Huskers rolled out the red carpet for some of the top senior and junior football recruits this past weekend against Illinois. There was also a very big basketball recruit in town. What were his thoughts about his trip?

Isaiah Roby from Dixon (Ill.) is a 6-foot-7 and 185-pound small forward who was in Lincoln this past weekend. Roby got into Lincoln in time to meet the basketball staff and see some of the things around campus before the football game that night.

"We got to Nebraska in the early afternoon around 1:30," Roby said. "We met all of the coaches. They were in there working out actually. We met with the life skills staff and the academic advisers.

"We talked about transcripts and they said just to keep on doing what I am doing. We went over to Pinnacle Arena from there, saw the floor, the locker room and saw a lot of fans on our way over."

There was one big misconception that was on Roby's mind when he came to Nebraska. There was a thought that Nebraska was 'just a football school'. He saw firsthand that those thoughts are just not accurate.

"People say that Nebraska is just a football school, but I felt the love for the basketball program this weekend while I was there. Coach Miles is doing a great job with the program and people are excited."

The approach that the Nebraska staff has taken with Roby has been refreshing. He says that Coach Tim Miles has had the most confidence in Roby and he's really appreciated that about him.

"What I like the most about the Nebraska staff is the faith that they coach have in me. It's kind of crazy. Out of all of the head coaches that are recruiting me he has the most confidence in me."

Taking these trips was supposed to just be reference for Roby and he wasn't going to commit until his senior year. Now there is some question about that time frame.

"Honestly, I thought that I did know," Roby said. "Now I am not really sure. I was leaning towards holding out until my senior year. Now I am not really sure."

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