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John Raridon is a punishing offensive line. You see an attitude by the way that he gets after his blocks. His defenders are usually going backwards or getting pancaked hoping to hear the whistle from the referee.

Sophomore Film

John Raridon from West Des Moines (Iowa) Valley has some amazing film from his junior season. The talented guard is rated the No. 2 guard in the 2016 class and the No. 18 player overall in the class. The film tells the story as to why.

You can see the dejected looks on all of the players on the other side of the football after the whistle blows. Raridon keeps his elbows in, locks up and punishes the would-be defender. Look at all of the touchdowns that come right off the back end of Raridon. That is not a coincidence.

People will know which play I am walking about, but one of the earlier plays for Raridon looks similar to Michael Oher in the movie "The Blindside" where he basically blocks a player off of the field. For that defender the whistle couldn't come soon enough.

There is some film of seeing Raridon working in pass pro and he shows good knee bend, keeps his feet wide and it's that last shove as the ball sails over his head that you love. You can ask a player to do it. It's when you see it and realize that is just the on the field demeanor of the player that you really love it.

Raridon -- similarly to fellow 2016 commit Bryan Brokop -- is nasty when he pulls. This is typically from his backside tackle spot. Raridon is projected to play inside at Nebraska and in fact might start off at center.

Nebraska's 2016 class is off to an impressive start. The Huskers have to be excited about getting such a key recruit like Raridon to get "N" so early in the game allowing them to focus efforts on just key guys now at the remaining spots in the class on the offensive line.

Junior film through five games

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