Pelini teleconference donuts (10-7-14)

Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini appeared on the Big Ten teleconference on Tuesday, come inside for the update from the ten minute media session.

LINCOLN, Neb. - In No. 21 Nebraska’s 27-22 defeat to the hands of No. 8 Michigan State on Saturday, the Huskers had multiple bad snaps. At that time it was thought to be because of crowd noise, nerves, or miscommunications between quarterback Tommy Armstrong and center Mark Pelini.

Appearing on the Big Ten teleconference, head coach Bo Pelini had a different reason.

“There were a couple times that the opposing team clapped,” said Pelini. “Our center heard a clap and he snapped the football…it’s something I will talk to the league office about.

“The rule is you can’t do anything intentionally that simulate a snap or snap count. It didn’t happen a lot, but it happened a few times. It’s not the first time it’s ever happened. Michigan State isn’t the first team to do that. You would hope they would catch it.”

Pelini did says the Huskers needed to do a better job getting on the same page when it comes to adjustments.

Michigan State’s Mark Dantonio was asked about Pelini’s comments later in the teleconference.

“From my perspective, we have the opportunity to move our people any way we want to move them,” said Dantonio, who commented the center should be looking at the quarterback in an loud crazy environment.

Other donuts:

* Pelini is expected to get wide receiver Kenny Bell (groin), receiver Brandon Reilly (hamstring), and cornerback Daniel Davie (cornerback) back for the Northwestern game this week.

* While Nebraska is expected to practice at a lighter load during the bye week, the Huskers did get back on the practice field on Monday.

* Pelini says hindsight is 20/20, but it was possible Nebraska should have used more rotation on the offensive line, which is determined by assistant coach John Garrison. As far as why the offensive line struggled in the game, “It comes back to technique,” said Pelini. “There were some things that uncharacteristically we didn’t have good technique.”

* When asked about the quicker pace on offense in the fourth quarter and why they didn’t do that earlier in the game, Pelini responded the officials were standing over the ball a little bit longer to dry it earlier in the game.

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