Lamar Jackson planning other visits

Nebraska is possibly trying to add a quarterback to the 2015 recruiting class. One of the top prospects has led his team to a perfect record so far this year. Where do the Huskers stand with him?

Boynton Beach (Flor.) and quarterback Lamar Jackson are off to a perfect start so far this season. Jackson says that there is a need to stay focused and not look too far down the road beyond the upcoming game.

"We are 7-0," Jackson said. "I really know what our ranking is. I don't keep track of it. We just need to keep winning week to week and keep getting better. That's all we can control."

Jackson is a Louisville commit, but says that more and more teams are starting to recruit him. He gives credit to the improvements he has made in his game from last season as well as his effort to keep getting better.

"I have a lot of schools coming at me right now. From last year my mechanics have gotten better and I am continuing to try and get better. I wanted to get the ball out quicker from last year to this year."

There are no visits set up for Jackson at the moment. He says that there will be though despite being committed. He has taken a visit already to a school who has stood out since they offered.

"No I haven't set up any visits yet. I don't know when I will. Right now I am focused on the season. I did go to Nebraska, but I was planning on taking that visit. That offer really hit me since day one."

Jackson says that there are three trips that he wants to take as of right now. He is focused on the season and doesn't have any dates set up to the three schools he would like to visit.

"I would say that I want to visit Louisville, Mississippi State and South Carolina. I don't know when I will make the visits though."

Nebraska was fortunate enough to get a visit from Jackson although he still considers himself a firm commitment to Louisville. The offense at Nebraska is a great fit and the Nebraska staff is doing a great job recruiting him.

"I am still firm to Louisville. Nebraska is recruiting me very hard. I get a phone call once a week. I don't really communicate with Nebraska over social media."

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