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Welcome to the latest installment of the BRR N-Sider with all of the latest Husker news!

Things are heating up on the recruiting front and there really wasn’t time to get full articles out on everything so Josh and I decided that this might be the best way to get some quick messages through about stories that you should be reading about in the coming days. Let’s get to it!

New OL offer

Color me NOT surprised that Nebraska is choosing to go after another OT in the 2015 class. Initially, following the commitments of Christian Gaylord, Michael Decker and Mirko Jurkovic the thought was that there was one more spot left in the class for a lineman. That spot was supposed to be for an interior guy as well.

Jackson Perry confirmed this message and said that the Nebraska staff was waiting on him to jump in and close out the class for offensive lineman. Perry is a two-way lineman though and an inside guy at that. The newest offer that we have heard about have the Huskers sniffing around trying to possibly add a tackler to the class.

The newest offer is to Fredrick Johnson of West Palm Beach (Flor.). Johnson is about 6-foot-8 and slightly over 300-pounds. When you put on the film you see a guy that knows how to bend his knees, keeps his feet moving, has the ability to turn the defender and really finishes his blocks. Nebraska needs to find another guy in the class at OT, but things always get cloudy when the player is committed to another school. Johnson recently committed to Virginia Tech.

Another OT to not forget about

There is another OT that people shouldn’t forget about. Again, he’s a Virginia Tech commit, but before he committed to Hokies Mike Arnold from Winter Haven (Flor.) was planning a visit to Lincoln for the Rutgers game.

Now a lot of times when a player commits the future visits to other schools simply aren’t removed. But, you have to follow-up on it. So, I called Arnold yesterday to get the answer from him about his plans.

Arnold told me that he wasn’t sure if he was going to visit Nebraska or not. He also said that he’s definitely considering it. I think that Nebraska is definitely trying to keep him warm. He doesn’t have the size of Johnson – at just 6-foot-4.5 and 292-pounds – seems to have a little more polish. Both are good athletes.

What to think with Bussey?

I have been saying it now for weeks…please return your seats to their full, up-right positions and hold-on. There is no way that the Huskers thought that they were going to pluck Bussey out of SEC country without a lot of other teams throwing their hats into the ring.

USC. Arkansas. Texas A&M.

That thought is confirmed. Want to know why Bussey is such a hot commodity? Watch his mid-season highlights. Realistically Bussey could be in Lincoln in June and really challenging for the starting position come August. He is the textbook definition of what Nebraska needs for their offense.

Wow, huh? All of those new offers and still Josh and I are totally fine standing behind out prediction that Bussey still ends up in Lincoln when signing day comes around. Entering week seven and Bussey is second in points scored in Louisiana with 126 (21 TDs).

Nebraska coaches in Chicago

Last week I brought you some information about Nebraska’s staff getting out and hitting the road on the bye week. With Nebraska playing Northwestern this weekend in Chicago the staff is out and about again.

I got a text message from Nebraska commitment Bryan Brokop from New Lenox (Ill.) Lincoln-Way West that John Garrison was going to be in attendance for his game tonight. I will be catching up with Brokop later on this weekend to talk about his game this week.

And while the Nebraska staff is going to be out there trying to put the finishing on the 2015 class it’s believed that the Nebraska staff is also trying to keep the 2016 class going in a position direction. That might be indicated by a couple of other players Nebraska will be by to see.

One of the top names besides Brokop in the state of Illinois next year is Josh King, a DE from Darien (Ill.) Hinsdale South. King is holding a Nebraska offer already along with Ohio State, USC, Notre Dame, etc. Might be a tough pull, but Nebraska is working the Big Ten footprint.

A couple of other names to pay attention are Tuf Borland who is a junior OLB from Bolingbrook (Ill.) who is one of the top juniors in the state of Illinois as well as Justin Witt. Witt is a teammate of Brokop’s and plays on the offensive line.

Junior college recruits emerging?

This is the time of year that you can typically see Nebraska looking at key positions for immediate help. There are definitely some areas that need depth, competition and possibly even immediate help. Those positions seem to be:

Wide Receiver
Offensive Tackle
Defensive End

I think that some of those areas have bigger need than others obviously. I would put linebacker at the top followed by defensive end and then offensive tackle. I am including wide receiver here because Nebraska has seen it’s share of injuries at the position this year and could use an immediate contributor that is a difference maker and I think that the same thing could be said about cornerback.

Some names to keep an eye on are:

Claude George, OLB – The hybrid guy that Nebraska missed on last year with Devante Bond.
Austin Roberts, DE – Nebraska just offered. I will be looking to reach him in the coming days.
Tyler Howell, OT – No Nebraska offers, but NU has ties to Butler.
Justin Martin, CB – Again, no offer but the same JUCO as Roberts. Let’s see what happens here.

There is a lot to be excited about Nebraska fans…recruiting is about to really pick back up again and new offers have been sent out to at least one JC player and there are others that could be next!

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