Huskers could get visit from Gary Jennings

Nebraska threw down an offer last week to one of the top high school players in the state of Virginia. Can Nebraska get an official visit?

Gary Jennings from Stafford (Va.) Colonial Ridge says that he and his team will make the playoffs. The overall record, according to the 6-foot-2 and 190-pound athlete, isn't where they would like it, but they have pushed through some setbacks.

"We are 4-3 right now and are on the road to the playoffs," Jennings said. "We should be a No. 3 seed. We expected more from our season, but we had some minor setbacks along the way."

Jennings have been doing it all for his team; playing multiple positions on offense, playing defense and special teams. He says that he has been doing what he can just to help his team win.

"I am playing wide receiver, quarterback, cornerback and doing returns as well. My season has been going pretty well so far. I just try to help my team win games. I don't know what my offensive stats are, but I have seven interceptions on defense."

Most of the teams like Jennings as a receiver. Lately though there have been a few teams that have expressed interest in Jennings to play defense. He would prefer to play offense, but says he's not necessarily opposed to defense.

"Teams like me mainly as a wide receiver. North Carolina and Notre Dame like me on defense as a big cornerback or safety. I like having my hands on the ball, but I am not opposed to playing defense."

Jennings has already taken one official visit and at this moment he doesn't have any others set. He has a top five and says that the most likely scenario includes official visits to all five of those schools on his list.

"I have been to Wisconsin and I haven't set up any others. The teams in my top five will likely get my visits as of right now. My top five is Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, West Virginia, Notre Dame and Virginia. I haven't taken into account my most recent offers though."

There have been a number of recent offers though and the good news for those schools is that Jennings says his list is fairly fluid. He is constantly re-looking at the schools on his list and it could change at any time.

"I have to evaluate how the school fits me," Jennings said. "My top five schools are the schools that are standing out to me right now. My top five will probably be reevaluated."

One of the schools that would like to get an official visit from Jennings who isn't on his top five list is Nebraska. The offer from the Huskers came just last week. Jennings knows that the Huskers are having a good season and have great fans to match a strong football tradition.

"I got the Nebraska offer last week. My head coach told me that they might be contacting me and I got it shortly after that. I know that they have had a good season so far, they have great fans and have great tradition."

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