Amani Bledsoe now holding Nebraska offer

Nebraska has two-thirds of their 2015 class knocked out. The Huskers also have three talented juniors in the class of 2016 already on their commitment list. This junior just picked up a Nebraska offer and has been to visit Nebraska twice since August.

At 6-foot-5 and 265-pounds you might lose sight of the fact that Amani Bledsoe is just a junior. The standout defensive end for Lawrence (Kans.) picked up an offer from the Huskers recently after visiting Nebraska twice since the start of fall camp.

"I got the Nebraska offer two to three weeks ago," Bledsoe said. "I visited Nebraska for the Miami game. I was also up there in August and checked them out at a practice. I saw their facilities then and met some of the guys."

The Huskers may have a top five draft pick in the 2015 NFL Draft with defensive end Randy Gregory. The Huskers have an example of what they can do potentially with a player at that position with the right development. Bledsoe likes what he saw when he watched Gregory play.

"Nebraska sees me doing the stuff that Randy Gregory does, playing defensive end, and I really enjoy watching him play. I play more of a four or a five right now, but Nebraska likes me more as a true defensive end and not necessarily as a hybrid guy."

Lawrence High School head coach refers to his junior defensive end as a hard charger. Bledsoe as an incredible combination of size, speed and strength and then you remember that he's just a junior.

"I am pretty balanced overall as a defensive end. I am a pass rusher, but I am also stop the run. I am not just a specialist."

Bledsoe has taken a few trips this fall and says that there might be more in the works. He isn't sure if he will get back to Lincoln this season or not. He definitely isn't ruling out any visits to any schools including taking another trip to Nebraska.

"I have been to Nebraska twice and and to Kansas because I live there and I also went to Kansas State the other weekend. I have some other trips planned. I am not sure if I will get back to Lincoln or not this year. We might though."

Lawrence High School is a game above .500 and looks like they will make the playoffs now according to Bledsoe. "We are 5-4 and really are a good team," Bledsoe said. "We just have to put it all together. We should be in the playoffs now with the win this past weekend."

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